The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

June 14, 2007

Jamaica or bust!

I have always believed that things happen for a reason. In our case, there are three reasons. All our troubles with the Passport office were actually a blessing in disguise:

Reason #1: On Monday, our 9 yr old came down with Step Throat (his 7 yr old brother had it last week) and this morning our 3 yr old woke up with a sore throat. Our pediatrician set us up with enough antibiotics to get us through all next week -- even if our 4 yr old catches it too. I can't imagine how miserable they would have been if we were actually in Jamaica right now.

Reason #2: It rained a few days in Jamaica this week. The forcast for next week looks perfect!

Reason #3: I finished packing a whole week early! This will be the first family vacation that I don't start off totally exhausted because the night before I stayed up ALL night finishing laundry, sorting clothes, making a Walmart run for last minute must-have items, and finally zipping up the last suitcase mere minutes before it is loaded into the car.

We are all soooo ready for this trip, in more ways than one! We leave in the morning. Yeah us!

So now it's Jamaica or bust!

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