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December 14, 2007

More Fun

I have updated the "My Favorite Videos" section and our "Bubbleshare" photos. We've been having a lot of fun these past few weeks. To name just a few of our favorite activities, there's the Christmas Program at church, Preston and Garrett's Christmas Voice Recital, Open House skits at CHET, Addyson's 1st Birthday Party at the Adventure Science Center, Gaylord/Opryland's "ICE! We Froze the Grinch", and visiting Santa at the Opryland Hotel. Also at the Opryland Hotel, we watched the dancing waters show set to music with the Christmas story being narrated. Pretty amazing!

The "ICE! We froze the Grinch" was cool ... really, really cool. Like 9 degrees cool! The boy's favorite part were the two ice slides. We took our baby sitter, Taylor, and her brother (the boy's good friend), Josh. They handed out the big blue parkas we're all wearing, but it's a good thing I brought gloves and stocking hats too.

We heard a rumor that the "real" Santa was visiting the Opryland Hotel for a few days so we headed over there after ICE. Preston, Garrett and Nolan were a bit skeptical at first, and thought he was probably just another one of Santa's helper, but the more they talked to him the more convinced they became. Liam just soaked it all in completely in awe. Oh, to be a child again!

There was no one in line behind us, so the boys all talked to Santa for about ten minutes. I still haven't figured out what's up with that. They were doing a lot of talking, but so far all they've told me is that Santa's favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip. Hmmm, time for some detective work!

Well, I'll add some more photos to this post as soon as I have time! In the meantime, check the "My Favorite Videos" section and our "Bubbleshare" photos for the latest.

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Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

Just to hear the concept of dancing water to music being a form of entertainment may leave one a bit skeptical but once you've seen them you understand. Dan and I visited Opryland at Christmas a few years ago when the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes were there doing a Christmas show. WOW! I never knew a hotel (besides one in Reno) could be so much fun to hang out at. You live in a great part of the states for sure.