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February 8, 2008

Superbowl Photos

Now for some photos!

Preston won his local 4-H poster contest. His poster now goes on the county competition. BTW, those are magnifying glasses, not ping pong paddles like my mom thought when she saw the poster.

We had a fun Super Bowl party at our house. Preston was pulling for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The rest of us didn't have a strong preference for either team, but we all enjoyed the exciting game.


Old DAN AND Little ANN said...


We got RISK off of iWIN games online. It is put out by Oberon Media. Hopefully that is enough info so that you can find it for your guys. It is a bit addicting but great for using up some of those winter indoor hours!


april said...

Hi Kim

I appreicate the comments. Thank you for the support. feel free to email me