The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

February 21, 2008

More paperwork?

Our social worker sent me an email with an attachment today that just said "Please print sign and send to GOL, Thanks"

It was a letter addressed to "The Chairman of the Committee of General and Professional Education of Leningradsky Region". In other words, it is an application for the St. Petersburg region.

So I printed it and we signed it. It will be FedExed to GOL tomorrow. The wording in the body of the letter was a little funny and reads like a 1st grader wrote it, but our social worker told me it has to be written exactly that way for this region.

Does this mean we'll be going to St. Petersburg? Who knows? But I think I'll start doing a little more research on the Leningradsky Region.


Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

St. Petersburg is a city with an amazing history. Peter the Great's masterpiece! We studied it in school this year. I hope you do go there. It is cold and northernly and built on a swamp BUT it was built in a style copied from the Dutch. I would love for you to go there b/c then we could all be treated to lots of awesome pictures! Hopefully you will know for sure soon.

Troy and Rachel said...

Interesting! I would start researching too. Sounds like you may be getting closer and closer!

Jackie said...

How great that they send out documents and say print and sign... As I am re-doing some of our docs, I wish it were that easy! :-) Keep us posted!

Cori said...

St Petersburg would be nice...:) Sooooo very much looking forward to this (and so is Rachel-Rachel).

The Horners said...

Hey guys! We had to take our blog private. If you want to join the private party let us know.