The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

March 30, 2008

Don't put away those Easter Baskets yet!

I have discovered the secret to getting boys to pick up their dirty socks and race them to the laundry room! Have a sock hunt! And at our house, finding socks is much like an Easter Egg hunt. They are hidden everywhere ... under the sofa, under the table, on the desk chair, under beds, behind the bathroom door, stuffed in shoes, next to the computer, behind the fish tank, and a sundry of other places.

Our guys are pretty good at getting their dirty clothes to the hamper or laundry room, but for some reason, socks just disappear around here. I can't count how many times I hear "Mom, I don't have any socks in my drawer!" And I've purchased so many bags of matching socks at Wal-mart we should be able to open our own "Sock Depot".

I've had friends come over just to help sort and match laundry baskets full of kid-size socks. (That's kind of sad isn't it? ) Our guys help with that chore too and actually say they enjoy it. The only problem has been actually getting the socks to laundry room to be cleaned in the first place. Is it no wonder why I love Crocks so much?

Okay, you're probably thinking there must really be no adoption news whatsoever if all she can post about is dirty socks. But, it was truly an amazing thing for these parents to see their boys running around picking up socks and putting them in Easter Baskets and then racing back to the laundry room. Maybe we're on to something here!

We really don't have any adoption news to speak of. It was a year ago today that Martin and I made the decision to adopt. Since then, we have learned so much more about International Adoption than we ever could have imagined. And there is so much to know and understand that it's a good thing it takes time to complete the process. I believe we are ready now though, at least, as ready as we'll ever be. Each Monday is so full of promise that this could be the week we get the call. Fridays are harder. I am really looking forward to the day when I can post "It was a year ago today that we walked out of the orphanage with our daughter!"

Tonight we had family movie night to watch "Under Dog" and all the boys piled onto the sofa with their popcorn and blankets. Nolan looked down and noticed there was little room left next to him and he announced, "There's still room for one more kid." Yep, they are ready for little sister to get here too!


Becky and Keith said...

Love the sock pick-ups! :-) The kids look like they are loving movie night and it's great that there is room for their sister! :-) I hope you get the call soon!

Jackie said...

Hey we have those popcorn containers too! I love that he said there is still room for one more kid! Amen to that!