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March 20, 2008

Still Looking

I called our agency today. Surprise, surprise, they are still looking for a match for us. I know there is no way to predict when that might happen, but I asked the question anyway: "How much longer do you expect it to take?"

The director said it could be another two weeks or two months. Not really the answer I wanted to hear. The logical part of me knows it was just wishful thinking, but I really wanted her to say something like; "Oh, wow, what good timing you have. I was just about to call you about a wonderful little girl that just came off the database!"

So I guess at this point, it doesn't look like we'll be traveling on Trip One in April, which means Trip Two won't happen until June or July. But, no matter how long it takes, I'm determined to keep a positive attitude.

Optimistic thoughts for the week:

Preston and Garrett won't miss any baseball games. Nolan won't miss Kindergarten graduation. My niece who is coming along to help out with all our kids won't miss any school.

And our luggage will be so much lighter with summer clothes instead of heavy parkas and snow boots!


Billie said...

You are a little further in the process than I, but I will be soooo like this. Right now I feel patient, but after a month, I know I will pick up the phone and call!

The Horners said...

Hang in there. Patience is a valuable virtue in the process of adoption. Still, we hope your referral will come soon.

Troy and Rachel said...

I like your positive notes in your post. They are great but I'm especially wishing we could go with the lighter clothes hence lighter luggage!! Very optimistic post and I hope two weeks is the name of the game for you!

Joy said...

I think you sound very positive. I love your blog and the flowers look breathtaking in the last post.

Becky and Keith said...

Boy, I could have written this post! :-) Positive thoughts are the way too go even though it seems harder to be positive then complain, doesn't it? :-) Hang in there - I hope and pray it is just another 2 weeks! :-)

Oria said...
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