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April 23, 2008

Return of the Home Run Kid

Garrett got his first home run of the season last night against the best team in his league. His team still lost, but he was on the top of world. Garrett, who is relatively small for his age, has always been a natural athlete. When he was six, he was the "Home Run Kid". Granted, he was playing with 4, 5 & 6 years olds, and most home-runs were the product of over-throws and little kids that have no idea what to do when the ball comes to them. But, now that he is eight, it is a whole different ballgame. As Preston can tell you, home runs are much harder to come by as the teams get older and have more experienced fielders.

This game was remarkably different from his last one. Against my better judgment, I let him go to a sleepover the night before -- with instructions to the friend's mom that they must be asleep by midnight. Garrett is a child who NEEDS his sleep. At his game the next day, he was yawning on the pitchers' mound and was hit in the foot hard by a ball that he would normally field and throw the kid out at first. He seemed to be in LaLA Land and I was really afraid he was going to get hurt. He also struck out twice. So I made sure he was well rested for this game. This is pure coincidence, I'm sure, but his multiplication math problems during the day were titled "Home Run Riddle".

I tried to get a photo of him batting, but accidentally put the camera on video instead. Then, I thought Wow, I got his home run on video! Unfortunately, when I played it back, all I got was 1 second of Garrett waiting for the pitch and about 3 seconds of the sound of our fans cheering, some chain link fence, and maybe part of my hand. Oh well, I guess Sports Illustrated won't be hiring me as a photographer or videographer anytime soon!

In case anyone is interested in the poor videos, here they are. Oh well... maybe next time!

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