The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

July 14, 2008

Preview of our new pool

I wanted to wait until our pool was complete before posting photos, but it may be a couple more weeks due to some unforeseen delays. Of course, the delay has not prevented us from thoroughly enjoying the pool, as evidenced by the slideshow!

Martin has built three different homes for us, but this is his first time working on an in-ground pool. To save money on labor and materials, he is doing much of the work himself and ordering parts directly from the factory at a fraction of the cost. The pool company is family owned and the owner's son is a friend of ours from church so they were okay with Martin doing it this way.

The delay is the hot tub. Construction has come to a standstill because the spill-over hot tub Martin ordered, which is only manufactured in Canada, has not arrived. He ordered it six weeks ago. For the past 3 Mondays, we've been told it will arrive on Monday. Word has it that it has arrived in our town and that it will be in our backyard by tomorrow. I'm not too worried about it since we can still swim, but I really, REALLY want to complete this project before we leave for Russia. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Our back yard has been a huge jungle for the past two years so I am very excited about the transformation taking place. I made a video of the progress so far. If you have ever wondered how what goes into installing a large fiberglass pool, be sure to check out the side bar!

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Janine said...

The photo montage is great. It looks like your boys have had fun with the pool no matter what stage of development it was in. :-)

The slide looks like a lot of fun...I wish I could try it out too. :-)