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September 1, 2008

The Fair

The Robertson County Fair was last week. I collected all the boys' artwork from the past year and entered it. Preston made a huge Lego Stars Wars ship especially for the Fair too. They all did very well and were happy to collect their checks from the Fair Board on Sunday.

The last night of the Fair is always the 4-H "Share the Fun" Talent Show. Garrett has won his division for the past two years, but this year he was dethroned by a little 6 year old JeanBennet Ramsey look alike. Oh, I knew by the way she was batting her big mascara-laden eyelashes at the judges and how they were telling her she had the most beautiful blue eyes, that she had won before she even opened her mouth! Singing on key is not a requirement when you are dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and can click your sparkling heels together! Okay, okay, I'm not bitter. I promise. And Garrett really didn't care at all. He just wanted to get to the Demolition Derby. And in all honesty, she was VERY cute. I'm sure she practiced her little dance, with the eye winking and clicking of the heels, WAY more than Garrett practiced his song. She earned it. Really. But from a very biased mom's point of view, this was a VOCALIST competition and Garrett's VOICE was definitely BETTER!

Preston moved up an age bracket this year and was competing against teenagers. I was very proud of his performance and he placed 3rd. It's all in fun and as long as they enjoy it, we'll keep doing it. Nolan has already decided he is going to sing next year. Now THAT will be something to see for sure! I will try to post the videos later if I can.

I tried to pixelate everyone's faces except Garrett's (he is on the right.)
Now THIS was worth the price of admission! But you had free passes, you say?
My point exactly!


Joy said...

It looks like you had a great time. You are right she was a ringer. (Just kidding)

Troy and Rachel said...

I love the demolition derby! I'm glad you had a good time!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

The demo derby is always my favorite part of the Alaska State Fair too. We didn't get to go this year but I think next year will be a better plan for us. Dima will be potty trained!