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September 29, 2008

The Mean Green Liam Machine

Liam is having so much fun with Soccer this year. Last year, he mostly did somersaults down the field or ran in circles, kicking the air. But I think he has finally figured out that you need to actually kick the ball toward your team's goal in order to score!

Here are a couple of cute videos from Saturday's game:

I love the way he goes bouncing back to his coach (Martin). At this point, his team had already scored about ten goals and Martin was trying to hold back some of our players to give the other team a chance to score. They are only 3 and 4 years old after all. The point is for everyone to have fun! But the yellow team seemed happy to let our team score at will.

To prove my point, this next video shows Liam almost score (ball hits the goal post) so the yellow team kicked it in for him. Maybe it's one of those "you had to be there" moments, but it was very cute!

Last night, Martin said it's a good thing we're getting our baby girl soon 'cause Liam is not a baby anymore!

Since this post is about Liam, I'll share a funny question he asked me the other day. His big brothers are always saying how cute he is. He has been our sweet baby for four 1/2 years now. When Liam overheard a friend asking about our adoption, he pulled me aside so no one else could hear and asked: "Mom, when we get our baby girl, who will be the cutest; me or her?"

Now how does a mom answer that kind of question? Whatever I said, it made him happy and he went about his merry way!


tammy said...

kids are very perceptive! my youngest daughter (6 1/2 yrs) is sad that she isn't going to be the baby of the family when we finally get this adoption done. i have had to reassure that she will always be my baby girl!

The Harrisons said...

Where did you grow up? I am the same way about the farm. I couldn't wait to get out, now I long to have land where we can have a litter of kittens every spring and my boys can stretch their legs. :)

Carrie said...

He is too cute. He is going to love that little girl so much he may even think she is pretty cute too.

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

Isn't it funny how when it is your kid on the field the game is bigger than pro sports on TV ever were? I loved watching your posts. You have a reddish head too. So cute!