The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

October 17, 2008

The After Pumpkin Farm Party

Most kids probably like to paint or carve their pumpkins. Our boys decided to have a little extra fun with them.

Well, it was 87 degrees that day and the pumpkins were pretty dirty!

A little pumpkin surfing?

This pumpkin went for a little swing.

A jump in the leaves!

Relaxing in the hammock!

Mowing the lawn!

Jumping on the trampoline!

I'm honestly not sure what this pumpkin is doing!?!

It was fun following the boys and their pumpkins around all afternoon.

So what did your pumpkins do this year?


tammy said...

kids are so funny! i enjoyed the pumpkin surfing! i'm raising my hand too that you get to russia soon!

Amy said...

Ours are on our front steps. Your pumpkins sound like our Christmas Elf, Hermie. Hermie does some "crazy" things while the kids sleep or are at school.