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October 1, 2008

Carmina Barana

For Preston and Garrett's first performance with Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music Boy Choir they sang "Carmina Burana" with the MTSU Symphony and Choral Society. Carmina Burana is composed to a sequence of medieval Latin lyrics. It was a quite challenging first song for them to learn and they only had 3 weeks to master it. The funny thing is that once Preston and Garrett learned the words, they taught it to Nolan and Liam. It was amazing, albeit a little strange, to hear all my boys singing Latin while playing video games.

Garrett sat next to the director on the first row. Preston is also on the first row, but he is on the other end -- next to the giant Gong! I offered him ear plugs, but he said he really liked the gong and symbols!

I video-taped the entire performance, but it was too long for Blogspot's video feature to upload. So here is a tiny sample (and it really is tiny considering the entire piece was 50 minutes long) of their beautiful voices:

Click on this link to hear (and see) Preston and Garrett's favorite version of the first piece called "O Fortuna" which also happens to be the song that the Tennessee Titans use at the opening of each home football game! The graphics on this video are pretty cool!

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Troy and Rachel said...

Your boys are so active and involved and that is so nice to see! You must be very proud of them!!

Also, I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you on my blog!