The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

October 28, 2008

Paperwork crazy day

I breathed a major sigh of relief today as I pulled out of the Federal Express parking lot at 4:45 p.m. today. Another round of paperwork, all freshly notarized, certified, and Appostilled was neatly tucked into the package scheduled for overnight P1 delivery to our agency. It included two sets of updated medicals for all six of us (no small feat!), a couple of letters to the judge along with certified medical licenses, etc. 18 documents in all. The lady at the TN Secretary of State's office was so nice and friendly and happily prepared all the Appostilles for me very quickly. The lady at Davidson County's Clerk's office... not so much. But they are DONE! Hopefully, that will be the last round of paperwork.

The TN Titans were playing the Colts at home tonight on ESPN's Monday Night Football! I was warned that traffic and parking would be crazy difficult in downtown Nashville today. And it was. I got really lucky with my parking space. Who knew you can parallel park a Ford Expedition into a space designed for a Ford Pinto? With all the tailgaters pouring into the city and all the state workers about to clock out, let's just say I made it out of there in the nick of time.

We had an impromptu Monday Night Football party at our house tonight. I think we had about 25 friends from church. The men watched the game on the big screen in our play/media room. The ladies spent the 1st half in the kitchen and the 2nd half on the living room sofa. It was fun catching up with my girl friends while cheering on our team. The kids were playing their own game of football in our Master Bedroom (with the TV on in there too.) I'm pretty sure we all had a blast. Isn't it funny how the most fun parties are usually the ones you kind-of throw together at the last minute? Of course, it certainly helped that the Titans WON again!!! WhooooHoooo 7 and 0; maybe they'll get some respect from ESPN now!

I have to give Martin a little well deserved credit here. With me being gone all day and Martin home with all four boys, I was a bit concerned about what our house would look like when I got here. As I walked in, there were cars already coming up the drive way. I really thought I'd be doing the famous mad-dash throw everything into the nearest closet routine. Much to my amazement, the entire house was all clean and tidy and he even had card tables set up with festive tablecloths and all. Impressive!

A recent email exchange from our agency had words like "please hurry", "ASAP", "expect it soon" and "we've waited long enough". It seems everything in IA is hurry up and wait and then hurry up again. I sure hope this latest paperwork crazy day means were getting very close to a court date!


Barb said...

WooHoo! Don't ya just love paperwork? Good on ya for getting it all done! The waiting is excruciating . . . but you already know that. Praying you hear something soon,

tammy said...

your football party sounds fun!!! we love to have get-togethers like that too! i'm glad your round of paperwork is complete. i had to do another round on monday! i thought we had everything in and then more paper.

Carey and Norman said...

Glad to hear that your paperwork is completed. We had the computers go down one trip to Nashville to get apostilles. Yikes. Luckily, they came back on after 1 hour waiting. I'd gone to far to not wait.

Hoping that you hear news soon....praying for the call!

Troy and Rachel said...

Wow - another round and all 6 medicals - yikes - I can only imagine!! I hope this does mean court around the corner!

Joy said...

I love get together with friends like that. I am so happy that you got those documents out in where they need to go.
I can just feel it that you are going to get the call soon.

orange1986 said...

Hi!I am a follower of your blog, and I was wondering if you could help me out?
I am currently doing a paper on international adoption from Russia for my American foreign affairs class at school and I am in need of some "interviews" as primary sources for my paper.If you wouldn't mind helping me out, the questions are below.If you would like I can change your names and whatnot.Also the paper itself will not be published anywhere or anything like that,its simply my school term paper.Thank you so much in advance!!
The Questions:
When was your child adopted,or when do you expect the adoption should be complete?What age was your child when you adopted him/her?

Do you feel that the Russian people, not just those working the orphanage, were accepting or friendly towards you?

How do you feel the court system/adoption process ran, was it fair, or was there too much red tape on either the US or Russian side.If there was red tape do you know why this was so?

Why did you choose to adopt from Russia as opposed to another country?

Thank you SO Much in advance!!

Jackie said...

Oh I sooo hope that all this hurry up means that your court date is right around the corner! I love hearing about your football party! Everyone here watches a lot of college football, and all opposing teams... Bama, Vols, BullDogs, even the Gators.

Michael and Carrie said...

Good job getting those papers done! Oh-the joys of dealing with the county and state offices in TN. It just depends on the day, doesn't it? Craziness! Hopefully you'll get the call to go and be finished with all of these documents very soon!