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November 1, 2008

A different kind of costume

Don't you just love a guy in a tux?

Preston and Garrett had another performance last weekend at St. George's Cathedral in Nashville. They met a choir touring from Ely Cathedral (in England) and joined them in concert. It was beautiful!

Blair Boys are in tuxes and Ely Boys are in red robes.

We hosted three of the Ely Cathedral boys at our house over the weekend. They were very nice and a lot of fun to have around. Garrett were amazed that they liked all the same video games and movies as he does. Preston said they were nice enough, but they sure cussed a lot. Say what! I didn't hear a thing! They told me the waffles I made for breakfast on Sunday were "Lovely". And they kept forgetting where to find the Lu. One boy kept loosing things and one got in the car to go back to their tour bus with no shoes on! He left them in the playroom. Ack! I guess boys really are pretty much the same around the world (except for the cussing part).

Preston and Garrett wore their tuxes again on Thursday for a photo shoot with the
Nashville Symphony's new maestro Giancarlo Guerrero at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. It's for next season's brochure. I'd love to see the photos before then. They have another concert this Sunday. I'm pretty sure they've worn a tux more in the past 2 two months than Martin has in his entire life. I have a CD of their performance with the Ely Cathedral Boys and will attempt to get it to play on my blog as soon as I find the time. I know you all can't wait, but please don't hold your breath or anything. If only I could get my hands on one of those "Easy" buttons!

This is a photo of the Ely Cathedral:

No wonder the Ely boys were so puzzled when I showed them our church in a converted skating and bowling center. The look on their faces was priceless!


Barb said...

The boys look great in their tuxes! I hope you hear something soon - you've been waiting almost as long as us.

Joy said...

I bet life in your house was crazy busy with extra boys. I think boys are funny in general because if that was a girl she would have never stepped outside without shoes!

Michael and Carrie said...

Your boys look very handsome, and they sound like they are very talented!

I hope you all get that court date soon!!

Carey and Norman said...

I agree that the boys looked adorable in their tuxes. What a fun weekend for you all.

I also enjoyed the Halloween costumes. Very cute.

Annie said...

They are SO handsome! That must have been a tremendous experience!