The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

November 20, 2008

The game plan!

So here it is:

11/29 Sat. - Martin and Kim fly to Moscow
11/30 Sun. - Arrive in Moscow
11/30 Sun. - Fly to Novokuznetsk (overnight)
12/1 Mon. - Medical Exams
12/2 Tue. - COURT
12/3 Wed. - Gotcha Day!
12/5 Fri. - Return to Moscow with baby "A" - meet the boys at airport

12/4 Thurs. - Preston, Garrett, Nolan & Liam fly to Moscow with family friend
12/5 Fri. - Arrive in Moscow - meet Martin, Kim and Baby A at airport
12/5 Fri. - Baby A's medical exam
12/8 Mon. - U.S. Embassy
12/9 Tue. - Pick up Baby A's visa and passport

12/10 Wed. - We all fly home together!!!!!

I am disappointed that my SIL is not able to get away from the hospital in December so she and my niece could come with us. They already had visas and snow clothes all ready. And honestly, I wasn't sure what we were going to do or how we could possibly bring all our kids without her help.

By an amazing turn of events, a very special friend will be escorting our boys to Moscow and then staying with us for the remaining five days of our trip to help us with the kids. (I don't want to say her name yet b/c I haven't asked permission :0) She is soooo wonderful with kids and works with both our church's youth and children's ministry so we know our kids are in good hands. And, get this, she offered to help us without hesitation! We feel so blessed!

Aunt Cori, if it doesn't warm up soon, you're gonna need those snow clothes when you come up here for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be Hi 38° F / Lo 20° F. It was even spitting snow tonight. That's not much different than the forecast for Novokuznetsk of Hi 31° F / Lo 22° F with light snow. Or Moscow Hi 35° F / Lo 30° F with chance of snow.

It's unusual for it to be THIS cold in TN this early. I guess we're getting a little taste of Russia before we leave!

One last thing: We will reveal Baby A's name and photos as soon as she is officially our daughter on December 2nd.


Lindsey Carney said...

WOOHOO! I'm so happy for you guys. And what a great experience for your boys. God is so good :)

Heather Brandt said...

Wow! We ended up with the same court date! I'm praying yours will go smoothly.


Nancy Padfield said...


It is fun to read what is going on and I think about what a fun Christmas your family will have with your little Princess.

Safe travel!

findingourdaughter said...

Yeah!!! Sounds like a fantastic plan! Amazing how things just work out somehow!! God is good!

Carey and Norman said...

Sounds like you've got it figured out. I like the fact that the boys will meet you in Moscow when you have time over the weekend to sightsee and play. It would be hard (and more expensive) to have them there the entire time (especially while preparing for court). This is a win/win. Congrats!!

tammy said...

i am so glad things have worked out! wishing you a great trip! i can't wait to see pictures.

Karen said...

Cannot wait to see pictures of your daughter. God always makes a way!

Joy said...

I am just catching up on my reading. I am so excited for you that I could cry. I just love to hear that your daughter will be in your arms in a matter of days not weeks, not months.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

I am loving the cold weather in TN. Makes the homesickness bearable. :)

Congrats on your travel plans. So fun that your entire family will be there with you.


Melissa said...

Good luck with the travel plans. I wish you all a very safe journey. If you get a chance, I do have a question. I wanted to know how you put your playlist on your blog. I have tried to, and I did set up a playlist but I can't link it to my blog. Hoping you might help.

Over-Caffeinated x 4 said...


Troy and Rachel said...

How do you ever keep up?!?!? I know you can't wait and I am so glad you have your plans all set and that your friend can stay with you to help with all the children!!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

I am sSOOOO excited.

Amy said...

Just realized I missed this post. I guess I was busy stressing about flights and getting things in order. Our Game Plan looks similar (minus meeting the boys). Can't wait to see Baby A and hear her name. Could it be "Amy"????
This time next week you'll have a daughter. YAY!!!!

Janine said...

Yeah!! It looks like you are one step closer to getting on that plane! Congratulations! Can't wait till the 2nd so we can hear that name!!

Michael and Carrie said...

You are getting so close to heading back to get your sweet girl! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Safe travels! We'll keep you all in our prayers and look forward to your updates from Russia!