The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

December 21, 2008

10 days home

Wow, has it been 10 days already? Thanks to everyone who emailed me to see if we were okay. It's been an amazing 10 days. I am working on detailed blog posts about our trip and everything since then. We've been caught up in the Christmas madness around here and (especially with a baby in our home again) my free time for blogging seems to have disappeared.

This update will be quick with much more to come later. Alexis has made a seamless transition. She is all smiles and sweet hugs. She says MaMa and DaDa and Ba for bottle. She'll give kisses and play peek-a-boo. She immediately responds to her name Lexi or Alexis. She eats great, sleeps great, loves our little dog, and is crazy about her brothers. She definately prefers Mama, but she gets very excited about Dad holding her too. She doesn't mind being carried (or dragged) from room to room by her big brothers. She thinks that is a hoot! She can crawl anywhere and cruises the furniture. Not walking yet, but that's totally okay with me!

Maybe we're still in the adoption honeymoon phase, but really there is nothing negative to report. Except well... as Garrett will be the first to tell you, she poops a lot! And we have discovered that Wookie likes to eat diapers. The dirtier the better. Gross!

Okay, I'd better post some cute photos to get that mental picture out of your head!

I have sooo many more photos that I haven't uploaded yet. Can someone please find me a few more hours in the day???

Today our church is having a
baby shower for us. It's actually a combination baby shower and football party. The Titans take on the Steelers today and not even baby showers can interfere with that. ;0) Since it is at our house, I'd better go stash all the junk laying around - I mean CLEAN - my family room!
Here's one video to leave you with. She is petting our little poodle Wookie and stuffing her mouth with Gerber puffs:


Anonymous said...

Kim, she is so beautiful. We can hardly wait to see her this week. We'll be arriving at Mom's sometime Tuesday afternoon. YAY!

See you then ... enjoy your shower .... go Titans !!!

jeanette wunderly said...

I've been hoping that you would post soon! She is so cute! So glad to hear the transition has been smooth.

Carrie said...

Just look at that sweet little princess - so precious!!

I am glad to hear that everything is going so well. These babies are amazing aren't they?

Laura said...

Absolutely beautiful. I've said it before and I know you know it -- you are so blessed.

May this be one of your most joyful Christmas' to date!

Warmest regards,

Over-Caffeinated x 4 said...

She is adorable... I am so glad things are going so well for you. And yay Titans! :)

Carey and Norman said...

What a sweet, little girl. She is absolutely precious. So glad your time is going so well and your daughter loves her Mama, Dada, Brothers, and Doggies. What a true joy!!

Joy said...

Those dresses are beautiful. I can not believe that you have been home for 10 days already
Merry Christmas,

Kelly said...

OMG she is adorable...just popped over from Tammy's blog! Will read all tomorrow. Congrats---you lucky mommy you!!

tammy said...

i bet you are enjoying all the girlie frills! she is a doll! i'm glad your transition is going well.

Kim said...

What wonderful pictures. She is adorable! I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas!

Becky and Keith said...

Kim - She is absolutely precious! Her smile is contagious (and she loves those gerber puffs!). Can't wait to hear about her first Christmas. By the way, if you find a few extra hours in the day, please send them my way!!!

Rob said...