The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

December 6, 2008

Trip 2 - Day 7: Moscow

St. Basil Cathedral
(Preston, Pam, Martin, Liam, Kim, Nolan, Lexi and Garrett)

Alexis Katerina Abraham

First photo of all five of my awesome kids!

Waiting for brothers!

We ventured out and about today and ended up at Red Square. The boys and Lexi were awesome. It was a long walk but we made it there and back without losing anyone and (almost) complaint free. Garrett was begging to go ice skating, but they we weren't dressed for it. My southern boys spend a lot of time picking themselves up off the ice and I didn't want to them have to walk back to the hotel with wet pants. We'll go back for the ice-skating later.

Everyone is currently napping. Ms. Lexi's internal clock told her it was time to wake up at 4:15 a.m. That would be 8:15 a.m. Novo time. All the boys are so excited to see her that they all got up too. She is constantly entertained by them and the only whining or fussing from any of my kids has been over who is going to push Lexi's stroller! They can't get enough of her smiles and giggles and Martin and I can't either for that matter.

I don't know where that shy, serious girl we met this summer went. There is no trace of her anywhere. Lexi is so full of joy and as you can see from her photo above, she smiles ALL the time. She especially loves to go, go, go in the stoller we borrowed from the Marriott.

We enjoyed TGI Friday's last night and the breakfast buffet at our hotel was heaven on earth. Martin told the boys they had to eat enough to get our money's worth (it's quite expensive.) He had nothing to worry about. We all ate until I thought they were going to have to roll us out of there in wheelbarrows! And then on the way out the boys grabbed an apple or banana for a snack later. Very unrefined, I know, but so worth it. The staff was probably wondering who those country bumpkins buffet busters were with all the kids. Yummmm, Yum!

We met Stephanie and Dennis and beautiful Cassidy in the lobby. They told us where to find a grocery store and about a restaurant called Starlight that we're going to try to find tonight. We know April, Dan and Ava are around here somewhere, but I haven't had time to call them yet. Another person from TN called our room today, but I missed their call and Martin answered the phone half asleep and doesn't remember anything they said. He did give them my blog, so if you are reading this and are from middle TN and currently staying at the Marriott Grand in Moscow, PLEASE call me again!

Having Pam here with us has been wonderful! She is so much fun and just having an extra set of eyes and hands is great for keeping us with five kids. Thanks, Thresa, for the football update! Thanks for all the comments. I love reading them and keeping in touch with home.


Barb said...

So fun to see them all together! Glad to hear things are going smoothly. We're heading out to SPB tomorrow!!

jeanette wunderly said...

They couldn't have matched you with a better baby girl! She fits in perfectly! All 5 of your kids are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome addition to your family. She is a beautiful baby and looks so very happy with her family. Can't wait to see you all!! Kendall has enjoyed looking at the pictures and listening to how your trip is going, and Jordan just points at the screen and smiles at Lexi, they can't wait either.

Carrie said...

I am so glad you are enjoying yourself. Lexi is just precious. It is amazing how these sweet children change so quickly when they are with their families. Enjoy your trip and just so you know we always left the buffet with a few extras. I guess we are country bumpkins too.

Anonymous said...

Your family looks so good! That baby was made just for your family. God is so good! I just can't get you all off my mind. I am so excited for you. I love keeping up with what you are all doing. It makes me feel like I am there with you.
Give pam a hug for me. I know she misses me! Ha

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful.We love keeping up with everything thats going on.We are so heppy for you and can't wait to meet her.
Scott, Michelle,Doug,Frannie & Cara

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! Kim and Martin, your daugther is just beautiful. I can't wait to meet her. I love the Christmas tree photo of the kids. Tell Pam that I miss her and can't wait to she gets home! Let her know that everything her is just fine. No worrying!!!! Love ya'll. See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Keep them coming. We're living vicariously through you and your joy. Lexi looks so happy and not at all overwhelmed by the excitement of her new life. Stay safe. We miss you and we're praying for you.
Love, Cori, Bill, Rachel, and Emory

tammy said...

looks like y'all are having a great trip! i'm glad to see there isn't snow in moscow! i know there will be in kemerovo though. any tips you can give us for court?

Carey and Norman said...

I love the family pictures. I'm so thankful you've been able to have your boys in Moscow with you. I know it makes it easier on you to have them there. I missed my son so badly during our wait.

Have a great weekend enjoying the sites. Check out the site American Girls in Moscow (expat in Russia)

She has great suggestions for places to go with children while in Moscow. Just thought you'd like to know!

Carey and Norman said...

I forgot to mention how adorable Lexi is and how contagious her smile can be!!

Bethany said...

So fun! Did you take pictures of the ice rink on Red Square? They were setting it up when we were there and I'd love to see the final project! Have fun for the rest of your stay in Moscow!

Chris said...

What a cutie, and what great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. Your pictures in front of St. Basil's bring back memories.

I'm glad your having fun! Good luck today!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

Your kids are so beautiful together. God does good work, amen?!