The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

January 29, 2009

Certificate of Citizenship

Yeah, it came last week! With the Certificate of Citizenship document, we were able to go the local Social Security office and apply for Lexi's social security number. That should take about 10 days. (Then, Martin can finish up our taxes.) Next, we will re-adopt her in the State of Tennessee using our local Chancery court and get her a new State issued birth certificate.

To read the cover letter, just click on it. Personally, I am so glad that the letter came from former President George W. Bush. (I was getting a little worried about it.)

The boys were so impressed when they saw the envelope that said:

(Photo by Bethany - I didn't think to photograph the envelope until it was too late.)

Garrett wanted to know How in the World the President of the United States Knew Lexi Was Here... At Our House!

And he said she must be really special.

I told him we certainly think so anyway!


Barb said...

That's great news, Kim. It sounds like you have different procedures over there in the states. When we first got home we registered at the local Magistrate's as well as the government office that pays parental leave/health insurance/etc. Sofia has dual citizenship (Russian and Finnish) and we only had to send, within 2 months of bringing her home, her passports, birth and adoption certificates and a registration letter to the the Russian consulate here in Helsinki. In the future, we can choose to relenquish her Russian citizenship if we want . .

Bethany said...

LOL! I was reading your post and saw the pic without reading the caption and was like, "Ummm...that is my picture!" Glad you got her certificate. We still have to go to SS ... fun stuff I'm sure!

Kim said...

Congratulations! We have two of those letters from GWB and I am definitely excited #3's will come from our new president. LOL! :)

tammy said...

woohoo! congratulations.

Carey and Norman said...

Yeah! I also appreciated the letter from the president!