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January 11, 2009

Christmas In Reverse!

This post is for any of our family that wanted to see our church's Christmas play. I meant to play it when everyone was at our house on Christmas, but totally forgot. Now, I just discovered that the video is on our church's website. LifeHouse Fellowship

From the home page, click on the link in the gray line that says "Listen Online". (You can also click on "Life at LifeHouse" to see more photos.) Scroll all the way down to Children's Videos. The play is called "Christmas in Reverse".

Preston is the narrator on the right. Garrett is Joseph. He sings a duet with Mary. Nolan is to the right of the stage behind the first hay bale. He sings a short little solo at the start of the 2nd song. Liam is one of the little sheep that come in to sing a couple of songs. The entire video lasts about 35 minutes.

Here are a few photos from that night (click to enlarge):

Lexi had only been home for 4 days and wasn't real thrilled to be posing by the manger scene.

Nolan did such a great job in the play this year. He sang and danced like a pro. It was the first time he has ever showed any interest in our church Christmas program whatsoever. And quite frankly, I was a tad bit concerned how it would go considering that during most of practices he snuck under the risers to play for a while. But I guess all that being *good* was tough on the little guy. I'm sure he'll get me back for posting this someday, but here is what Nolan looked like when he woke up the next morning.

Now, seriously, how do you go from THIS:

to THIS?


Joy said...

In some circles that hair style is very stylish!!
Cute picture.

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

That is hilarious.

Kim said...

The hair cracks me up!!!