The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

January 21, 2009

Much better

Today was much better... until the cat scratched her face tonight. She didn't even cry which I think is worse. The boys cried for her when they saw blood. Not good. I hope our social worker isn't coming anytime soon for a post placement visit. I won't be posting any new photos for a while. On the bright side, the mark on her eye (where the wipes box accidently whacked her yesterday) isn't noticable anymore.

Please don't be worried, Lexi will be just fine. And the momma cat who wasn't supposed to be in the house anyway is now in the garage. (It's heated - just in case PETA is reading.)


Barb said...

I'm sure everything will get better. If you notice, Sofia has a red mark on her right cheek - about her 10th day here, she ran into one of our brick arches and then the next day she fell into a snowpile and it started bleeding. We didn't take any close-ups for awhile!

Ryan and Katie Horner said...

Zachary did not cry when he first came home when he was hurt. It made me so sad to see him tough it out. Rest assured, the tears flow freely now!

Kim said...

Glad your day is going better. My boys ALWAYS have bruises and cuts on their faces, especially Noah. He bruises so easily we are always afraid of what people will think.

And just in case PETA is reading this, I have two cats and a dog we are over! LOL!


Wolf family said...

Congrats on being home. I have checked in on your blog now and then...what a sweetie you have there! Again, congratulations and blessings to your family.