The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

February 9, 2009

Bath time fun!

What a difference a couple of months can make!

The first photo was taken in Moscow. Lexi HATED taking a bath. She cried so hard as soon as her toes hit the water. This photo was taken after she finally calmed down, but her eyes were still red and swollen. The 2nd photo was taken this morning. What a difference! She has so much fun in the tub now. She splashes, blows bubbles, and even lays on her belly and pretends to swim. But there is something else she does in the tub too...

Does anyone recognize this expression?

Come on now, all you experienced moms out there?


I should have recognized it. You know, me having five kids and all.

But nooooo, it wasn't until I saw the floaters that I figured it out.


Maybe I was just distracted by how cute she was playing in her pretty pink water.

Oh well, I've been procrastinating about cleaning the tub since this morning (it's after 10:00
pm now) so I'm gonna go find me one of those clothes pins from Lexi's baby shower party, plug my nose, and clean poo out of the bathtub. For the 3rd time since she has been home!


Barb said...

Ohhhh that is too funny - at first I thought it was rose petals floating in the pink water:) I seem to remember throwing away a lot of toys when my son did that (ages ago) because I couldn't face disinfecting them!

jeanette wunderly said...

Eeekkk is right! I've only had that happen once and it was one nice floater. I still had my hubby clean it up! She has the happiest little face!!!

Joe and Renae said...

Ha-Ha-Ha....SO funny! Olivia LOVES her bath too, but fortunately I haven't had the floaters yet. Lexi is absolutely ADORABLE!

Amy said...

OMG!!! I too thought it was pink water too. That's funny it's happened 3 times so far. :-O
I can't believe how she has changed in 2 months. I can see it most in her eyes, they are full of love and happiness now.

Joy said...

That is so funny. I really needed the laugh.

Nicole Brueck said...

Oh my!!! We haven't had that yet. ICK!
Bathtime is a favorite at our house too. Didn't start out that way.
What a pretty little girl you have...and some handsome boys too!

Carey and Norman said...

It is funny how little ones like to poo in the tub. We had a few with our son when he was about Lexi's age. Little stinkers!!

tammy said...

it truly is amazing what a couple of months makes! she looks so happy....even if she is sitting in poop! :)

Troy and Rachel said...

Oh yes - that has happened to us twice! I just spray it all down with Lysol and bleach and scrub a dub dub!! Not fun, but has to be done!! What a cutie in her pink water!

David and Kami said...

I love it! We just came home with our son about the same time as you did with Lexi. He did the same thing every night in the bath for about a month, until we finally started putting him on his potty right before his bath. It worked like a charm and we have had no more floaters! (I always think of Caddyshack with the Baby Ruth in pool- ha, ha!)


Lisa said...

Yick! Happened to us once too! But my girls are older than Lexi, so when we had to throw away all the bath toys and I explained why, THAT never happened again! I second bleaching the tub! I also ALWAYS put them on the potty (still) right before they get in the tub. They don't always go, but at least between that and tossing all the bath toys once, we haven't had a repeat performance!