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February 20, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

I couldn't decide between Garrett clogging at the Jam tonight or ...

...Garrett on diaper duty.

If you remember from a few posts ago, he got in trouble for
disobeying the Youth Director at church on Valentine's Day. As his punishment, he came up with the idea that he would change
Lexi's dirty diaper. He took his punishment like a man and with a tiny bit of help from me in getting the fresh diaper on, he did a great job. I'm sure he thought he was getting off easy when he choose his punishment, but HA! I don't think he'll be getting in trouble at church again until Lexi is potty-trained!

Nolan snuck this photo:



Carey and Norman said...

Great photos and video of Lexi. Too sweet!!

LaLa said...

Hey Kim...I didn't realize our timelines were so similar. We met Coby on Dec. 5th and got home from Vietnam on Dec. 15th.... : )

Your whole family is BEAUTIFUL!!!