The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

March 24, 2009

Celebrating Adoption

We are very fortunate to live near an extremely talented and creative photographer. Angela Crutcher, of Angela Crutcher Photography, came to our house a couple of weeks ago and took the most amazing photos of our little Alexis Katerina in our buttercup field. What's even better is that Angela participates in a program called Celebrating Adoption. Adoptive families who have adopted a child within the last year, qualify for a complimentary portrait session (session fee is waived) and a set of proofs.

She put a sneak peak on her blog. Check it out. The colors just about pop off the page!

I highly recommend Angela Crutcher. She was very sweet with Lexi and captured her silly personality. But if you live outside the middle TN area, check out the Celebrating Adoption link to find a photographer near you!

Side note: I've seen several of these sessions with the adopted child and parents together. I didn't want to be in the photos, but thought the boys could take mine and Martin's place. I had them all freshly bathed and with coordinating clothes -- just in case. No small feat. Because it was a limited session, there wasn't enough time to get a decent photo of Lexi with her brothers. Apparently, someone was always looking away and then Lexi was D.O.N.E. It's too bad. I think Angela missed a golden opportunity (and I am teasing when I say this because her work is so beautiful) but if there had been just ONE photo of all the kids together, I probably would have gone two more weeks without buying groceries just to get one of her awesome wall portraits. You see, I'm the mom who can't stand for a single photo of her child to be thrown away, so I buy the whole enchilada! Oh well, I'd better start saving up for next year!!!!

Edited to add a funny story:

The silly smile in the photos is actually Lexi trying to wink at her daddy. She would smile so big when ever Martin would walk by. So when we were trying to get her photo with the boys and she was SO TOTALLY OVER IT and not cooperating at all, I tried calling Martin to come over to get her to smile again. It was a little windy and he was just far enough away that he couldn't hear me. I was yelling "Maaar-tiiiin" so loud I made myself laugh. I sounded just like Kate on "Jon and Kate Plus Eight". You know, how she is always yelling at him about something. I know Angela must have been thinking I was psycho at that point. Between that and the ticks paranoia, we just called it a day. LOL!!!


Becky and Keith said...

WOW! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! She is so, so gorgeous and that smile is awesome. I read the comments on Angela's blog and I love how she said Lexie's face would get all excited each time she saw her daddy. You have a special little girl there!

Melissa said...

What an amazing gift. I have mentioned to Mike often that we should get a professional portrait done. I went ot the Celebrating Adoptions website but couldn't figure out how to locate a photographer near us. Can you help with this? We live in CT.

Iraida said...

WoW!!! Great Pic's.
Your daughter has the most beautiful smile :)

Bethany said...

Soo cute! We have our session coming up soon too!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I just found your blog today and we live just one town over from you in WH! Sngela did our adoption photo session, too, and we LOVED her. Our son is from Russia, it's such a small world!

Kami said...

Those pictures were sooo beautiful! I love the way that her eyes just shine in each picture. I also love the silly faces she makes! She is too precious! :)

Laura said...

Absolutely priceless... Lexi is a living doll. :)

And I'm like you -- can't throw a pic away. Thank goodness for digital as we took over 700 pics on Trip #1 and I have really been selective as to which ones to print out.

Thanks for reminding me about Celebrating Adoptions...I hope to be looking them up soon!


Barb said...

They are really great photos! She is such a little cutie. I've missed "running into you" into the blog world. Certainly sound like you've been busy!

jeanette wunderly said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Her smile is precious!