The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

March 27, 2009

Look alikes!

Last month, there was a post on FRUA entitled, "Bio/adoptive look-alikes" in the Family Photo Album section. And it was remarkable how much the kids look alike! I just love seeing all the beautiful families created through the wonderful world of adoption!!!

I've been thinking about that post lately because people are always telling us how much Lexi looks like me or the boys. I take it as a huge compliment since I happen to think she is the cutest thing ever.

But I don't think I really noticed what they were talking about until I started going through photos from our ski trip. Three photos really jumped out at me. I think she looks like Nolan and Liam the most, especially with her fair skin. (In the photos, the pink faces are evidence that they got a little too much sun on the 1st day.) But there is also a striking resemblance to Garrett too. I'm still looking for a close-up with Lexi and Preston.

So tell me... what do think? Look-alikes?

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No doubt, it's a God thing!


Barb said...

I really see it with Liam. Wow! People are always saying the same about Sofia and Joel, too.

Melissa said...

Everyone seems to think Colby looks like Mike, my husband. It is a little uncanny but in the photos of Colby with my nephew Keith, they look related.

Lindsey Carney said...

I think they favor quite a bit. Hudson looks like Jason and his family with his big brown eyes and dark hair, the women in the orphanage talked about it a lot on gotcha' day!

tammy said... vote is lexi and liam.

Joy said...

I have always thought that many of the children who come home from Russia look like their adoptive parents.

Carey and Norman said...

I agree that they look so much alike! Such cuties!

Kim said...

My vote is for Lexi and Garrett. They have the same big smile and eyes. People tell me that Noah looks exactly like me all the time because of his big blue eyes and fair skin. It cracks me up that people try and tell me that David and Josh look a like. Um no they do not and who cares! :) BTW - your boys have awesome names!

Janine said...

Amazing! She looks so much like the boys it's really uncanny. I also think Lexi looks like you! Amazingly meant to be!

Anonymous said...

Lexi does have the family resemblence ... I personally think she looks like you, Kim. She also displays your joy-filled character ... always smiling and happy ... always looking for the good in everyone and everything.

XOXOXO Auntie Bunner who is not the least bit prejudice