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May 28, 2009

Peter Pan!

The CHET K-3rd grade drama class teamed up with the 4th-6th grade drama class and they presented an awesome production of Peter Pan. The costumes were great, everyone remembered their lines perfectly, and they had lots of fun. CHET only meets on Tuesdays, so their practice time was limited to one hour a week for about 8-10 weeks. This proud mom thinks it twas certainly worth the price of admission which was free BTW.

I had to be down in front of the stage in case anyone needed me to feed them a line (not necessary) and also to help with props and scene changes. Thankfully, I gave my camera to Garrett who took most of the photos in this video from the balcony. Without further adieu, prepare to sit back and enjoy. The whole video is about 5 minutes.


Carey and Norman said...

How fun is Peter Pan? I love the costumes and I'm glad your children enjoying acting out Peter Pan! We've just now got into watching the DVD at our house.

I always enjoy your must stay very busy!!

Kim said...

Oh geez that is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

I still love to watch it again again even though I sat through the rehearsal and the actual "Play" for hours that day. I wish I was as talented as you with all the interesting videos and music intros. All the children were so cute! Mom/Nana

Troy and Rachel said...

That is completely adorable!! I'm so impressed you didn't have to feed a single line!! I love the Peter Pan movie playing as the background! Great costumes too!