The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

June 20, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

So I'm bit late for FFF, but here are some of my favorite vacation photos:

The Abraham Fabulous Five

These are some of the amazing sunsets we were treated to each night. The photo with Martin and me is foggy because my camera got wet that day filming Lexi going down water slides by herself. Oops!

Future Swim-suit model? (I hope not!)

On top of the 150 foot water slide

Garrett holding a red snapper (or so I was told). As usual, he immediately buddied up with a group of boys and they had a blast playing games and fishing all week. There was also a couple of cute little (giggly) girls who would hang out under our balcony and ask me when Garrett was coming out again.

Mmmmmm... Lexi loves Ice Cream!

One of the nice little coves.

SCUBA diving, glass bottom boats, and kayaking - all bit hits

Another favorite past time of Lexi's. Clearly, we need to upgrade our current hammock.

Liam being silly with a craft during dinner on the beach.

Two very cheesy smiles!


Jackie said...

Fabulous photos!! I chuckled about the girls and Garrett... we have the same thing with our oldest. lol! It looks like you had an awesome time on vacation! Where did you visit? I have missed your posts on here.... Welcome back!

Melissa said...

It looks like you had a great trip. And the perfect timing too with all this crummy weather here. Traveling with 5 couldn't have been easy but they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves! Welcome back home!

Becky and Keith said...

I just read both of your posts and have added FDR on my list of places to go! Sounds awesome! Love the pictures of the kiddos all together - the fab 5 - too cute!! Glad you had a great trip, but understand how nice it is to be back in your normal routine!! :-)

Anonymous said...

ok . . . so I was a bit jealous reading about your holiday . . . sounds and looks like you had a fabulous time!! I LOVE Lexi's hair - it's so long now!


Joy said...

I am going to have you plan my vacations. I wish I was on that beach right now!

jeanette wunderly said...

These are the best pictures! I love the first one with the 5 kids. I can almost hear you saying, "put your arms around each other". I am constantly saying that :) Looks like a great vacation. I keep telling my husband that I would love to take the kids to a resort like that. Have you tried any others?

Kim Abraham said...


Thanks for your comments! Yes, we were telling them to put there arms around each other and the hand on the shoulder was the best they could do! ;0)

We have taken the kids to other all-inclusive resorts and done one Carribean cruise with them (very fun). There is a great resort in the Dominion Republic too, but FDR is the kid's favorite hands-down.

You are always so supportive and have the best comments! Do you have a blog?