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May 2, 2010

Should we start building an Ark?

Wow, what a weekend! I have never seen so much rain. Ever.

At first I was grumbling about missing soccer and baseball games. But soon I realized how fortunate we are compared to what so many others are going through this weekend. They have literally lost everything. It's just so tragic.

Middle Tennessee is experiencing a major flood right now. In Downtown Nashville, the water levels are reaching the 500 year flood zone. On Saturday a portable school building floated down I-24 before breaking up. A BUILDING!

By Sunday, over 600 people had been rescued from their home by boat - and that's just the ones they have reached. Many more were still stranded. Bass Pro Shop at Opry Mills Mall has boats floating in the parking lot. Opryland Hotel had to evacuate 1500 people to a local high school. Southwest Airlines cancelled ALL flights into Nashville.

Roads within a few miles of my house were completely under water. Schools are closed.

Even my office is closed because the business center in Nashville where it is located was evacuated. We are beside the Cumberland River and the levee is leaking. My office has never closed in the almost 18 years I have worked there.

A friend posted on Facebook that her kids were kayaking in the back yard!!!

Lexi was supposed to go the IA clinic at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital tomorrow (just for a check-up), but the hospital was flooded too.

Our family is safe and dry. I am thankful that we live on a very large hill. Our nice little creek, however, was raging across the bottom of our driveway today. So while Lexi napped, the boys and I went on a little expedition this afternoon and hiked down to the part of the creek that is by the road.

Garrett said he felt like we were in the Rain Forest. Nolan said it was the greatest adventure ever!

The wooden foot bridge was washed off its foundation.
On the left, you can see all that remains of it.

This culvert usually has an 8 to 10 foot wall.

Martin and I took advantage of the boys' rained out sporting schedule and thoroughly cleaned the house this weekend. Plus, all my laundry is caught up! I guess there really is a silver lining in every cloud!


Carrie said...

I can't believe how much rain Tennessee has gotten. It is crazy!!!

I loved your truth post by the way!

Amy said...


Barb said...

Oh MY! Glad you guys are all safe and (relatively) dry!

Troy and Rachel said...

So glad you all stayed safe - My grandmother is in Nashville so I called to check in on her and she was okay too.