The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

November 6, 2007

So much to read, so little time!

With November being National Adoption Awareness Month, I'm trying to do my share by updating our family's adoption blog at least every other day this month. But it's starting to become a big problem for me. You see, I have become a blogoholic. I can't simply update my site, I must read all the new entries on everyone else's site too. I'll tell myself, I'll just check this one last one. One link leads to another and before you can blink, it is 3:00 a.m. When this adoption journey is over (is it really ever over???) I'm going to need a ten-step program to wean myself away from blogging and checking the FRUA board.

I have discovered so many new virtual blogger friends. Most do not have a clue who I am, but that's okay. I have been laughing, crying and cheering right along with them for months. Sometimes the enormity of what we are doing, the potentially life changing decisions, and the seemingly endless paperwork, can be a bit overwhelming even to the Type A, over-achieving, supermom type. It brings a sense of normalcy to know there are others going through the same experiences as you are and surviving. No, not just surviving, but thriving! I am so thankful for those families who have paved the road before us, those who are fumbling their way through it with us, and for those who continually share their frustrations, joy, and advice so candidly. I think there should be a National Adoption BLOG Awareness month!

My question for all you fellow bloggers out there ... when do you sleep?

I just love reading about everyone's unique adoption adventures. In fact, I can't seem to get enough. So please keep it coming. My new motto: Who needs sleep anyway!


Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

Type A over-achieving Supermoms NEED their sleep! No sleep, disastrous results. Trust me.

Enjoyed your post.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Blogging helps me get to sleep!

Janine said...

I absolutely agree with you! I feel the same way. In fact I often run out of time to blog what's happening with my adoption/family because I'm so addicted to reading about everyone else! It is hard to find time to sleep...I've been going to bed way to late too!

Becky and Keith said...

It is soooo addicting! I've found that using google reader helps cut down a lot of the clicking from blog to blog. That being said, between FRUA and blogs, I'm not sure how I ever get work done! Sometimes I think my company pays me to read these things to stay sane. Shhhh.. don't tell them! :-)