The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

January 15, 2008

Coming soon ..... a referral!!!

I was going to write about our Dossier paperwork being finished today, that is until I got a message from our local agency this afternoon. After months of gathering endless documents and even having to redo many of them, I finally have everything ready to go. Well, everything except that pesky little Immigration Approval letter. It still hasn't arrived yet. Thank goodness we don't need it before traveling on trip one.

Anyway, yesterday I called our social worker and told her I would hand deliver the documents to her this week. This afternoon, she called me and said to make sure I overnighted the documents to her today because our agency in RI wants our dossier in their hands ASAP. It's possible they have a referral for us already! Yeah!!! Our dossier was just FEDEXed Priority One.

That's all we know for now ... but it is reason enough to go celebrate with dinner at Olive Garden and then we're all going to the new Veggie Tales Movie. Hopefully, that will keep me occupied until I can talk to our agency again tomorrow!

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Troy and Rachel said...

That's amazing - Congratulations!!