The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

January 13, 2008

My small contribution to El Salvador

Martin and I have always had a heart for missions (I used to love to go on church mission trips with my youth group in high school) yet we haven't been able to go on any of our church's annual mission trips to Mexico. We try to help out in other ways like with contributions of supplies, sponsoring a youth to go, and letting a couple of kids stay with us while their parents are gone. We believe that by doing those things, we are helping make the mission trip possible.

In that same line of thinking, I feel like I recently made a small contribution to an El Salvador mission trip. (You're thinking how is this related to our adoption? ... well, here is the connection...) I was at the TN Secretary of States' office getting some adoption paperwork Apostilled. There was one person ahead of me. I could hear the clerk explaining to her that the document she wanted them to Apostille had not been notarized and did not have a County Certification. The clerk was really trying to explain the process to her as best as she could, but the girl was totally confused. I was not trying to eavesdrop on their conversation, but since I waiting in line about 2 feet away it was hard to not to hear.

The clerk instructed her to find a notary and then take the document to the County Clerk's office to get the County Cert and then bring it back to her for the Apostille. The girl had driven about an 1 1/2 from Bowling Green, KY and didn't have a clue where the Davidson County Clerk's office was located. It was taking forever for the clerk to give driving directions and this poor girl was clearly very frustrated.

Now, I usually stay out of other's people's business and, normally, I wouldn't dream of interrupting their conversation, but for some reason, this time was different. I leaned over and said, "Excuse me, I really didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I think I can help you. You see, my office is located right next door to the Davidson's County Clerk's office and I have a friend in the office who is a notary. Once I get the Apostille for my documents, you could just follow me there."

The clerk checked the clock and then informed her there was time to do all that and still get back before they closed. So I handed the clerk my paperwork and she started moving like the bionic women. She Apostilled 10+ documents in less than 2 minutes!

The girl followed me to work, got her document (and a few others) notarized and certified and was headed out the door to go back to the Secretary of State's office. When she stopped to thank me, I finally asked her what she was going to do in El Salvador. She explained that she had just received her nursing license (i.e. the document that needed an Apostille) and she was going to El Salvador on a medical mission trip with her home church. I just thought that was really cool!

You know I can't post without adding photos so here are a couple of neat ones:

Now, that initial excitement of the Wii is wearing off a tiny bit, the boys are discovering a few other gifts from Mom and Dad. One of my favorites is the Russian Architecture building blocks set. I just love toys that are powered by good ol' fashioned imagination!


Troy and Rachel said...

I love the block set. That was very nice of you to help the lady out. Random acts of kindness are wonderful things.

Christine said...

Wow! The blocks are awesome! My girls would want to paint them. :)

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

I really like the blocks too! It is great that God had you in that spot at that moment. You are now part of her testimony!

Jackie said...

Another question...where did you get those blocks?! They are awesome and my boys would love them as well.... great lessonon Russia....