The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

May 23, 2008

Another little boy for the Abraham Family

But this one weighs only 2 lbs, has four legs, and is very fluffy! He is a registered tiny toy poodle with a very big name: WookiEwok. (Can you tell my avid Star Wars fans named him?) He's sweet, smart, mostly house trained, and so much fun to play with. He was born on Liam's birthday so that makes him around ten weeks old.

It took a few weeks to convince Martin that we needed a snugly little "inside" dog, but who could resist that sweet little face?

He is small enough to use the "cat" door Martin recently installed, so my goal is to have him completely house broke (and using the pet door) before our little girl gets here. And, considering that we have heard absolutely nothing about a referral lately, that should be an easy goal to reach.

We discovered that he loves baths and we have to be really careful about that because he has already jumped in the bathtub with Liam. LOL! He also enjoys playing wiffle ball in the front yard and then falling asleep in the one of the boys' laps. We are slowly introducing him to Roxie (our lab) but she just wants to chase him around like she does the cats. Not sure what to do about that. The cats completely ignore him which is kind of funny because he tries so hard to get their attention.

Speaking of cats, Snowflake recently posed for the camera. She is getting so big!

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Troy and Rachel said...

Your new boy is adorable!!! Love the name. I have a friend who has two dogs named after Star Wars characters (Bastila and Luminara) at least I think they are Star Wars characters!! Enjoy your new addition! Snowflake is beautiful!