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May 22, 2008

The Stick!

Since I am guilty of bragging about Garrett's home runs a few weeks ago, I feel I must give Preston equal billing tonight. Moving up to kid-pitch last year came with many new challenges. Preston loves to steal bases, he is pretty fast and has a great slide. He's working on mastering the bunt. But, the kid-pitchers are just learning so there are a lot of wild pitches, walks and, unfortunately, a lot of strike outs. There is a kid on Preston's team that has hit a few home runs (one actually went over the fence), but that is pretty rare. Preston has had his share of strike-outs this season, but he always follows his coaches' signals and if he doesn't get walked, he goes down swinging. We knew once a few of those swings connected it would be something to see.

The coaches are super nice guys and very encouraging to the entire team. The players earn stickers for their helmets for each hit they get during a game. They also earn defense awards. But the most coveted prize of all is THE STICK!

THE STICK is awarded each game to the player with the best hits that game. Preston has several hit stickers on his helmet, but he finally won THE STICK in his last game with multiple whacks to the outfield -- even though one hit was caught by a friend on the other team. Ironically, that kid was awarded the game ball by his coach for his fantastic catch!

Preston is soooo proud of that little carved piece of wood and has carried around it everywhere. He has to give it back at the next game, but there are still a few more games and a few more opportunities to earn it back.
We're very proud of him -- Stick or no stick!

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