The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

July 23, 2008

News from around the World...

...well, more like from Russia anyway. I was looking up information on the Total Solar Eclipse that will occur in our region on August 1 (while Martin and I there!) and discovered some interesting articles about Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, and Russia's last Tsar and Tsarina. I thought I'd share:

Russia's Kemerovo state welcomes quake-affected students from Gansu - The Vice Governor of Kemerovo state has arranged colorful programs for the children, including entertainment, sightseeing, coal mine visiting and sports. This is such a compassionate thing to do for these students. It makes me proud of our daughter's heritage. My favorite quote: "He said the 93 students surely can overcome psychological shocks brought by the disaster after recreation and relaxation in Kemerovo state. "

Urals remains belong to last Russian tsar's children - DNA test -2 - Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their children, Olga, Tatyana, Maria, Alexei, and Anastasia, as well as several servants, were executed by a firing squad in a basement of a house in Yekaterinburg on July 16, 1918. The bodies of all the family, except for those of Maria and Alexei, were found in 1991 and buried in the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg in 1998. Now, a DNA analysis supports the theory that the remains of Prince Alexei and Grand Princess Maria have also been found.

Bee-boy born in Russian town - The doctors of the cardiological center in the Kemerovo region were shocked when they made ultrasonic examination and saw the heart of a newborn baby Vanya Maryin. He was born with a 5-chamber heart. Only bees have such heart constitution. Funny enough the ‘bee-boy’, as doctors called him, comes from the beekeeper’s family.

Okay, after reading this one and the links to "Bird Boy" and "Mysterious dwarfish alien brutally murdered in Russia's remote village", I've come to the conclusion that this must be a Russian supermarket tabloid. As Preston would say, "Ya think?"

“Express church” in Kemerovo: A church built in 24 hours - Now this is pretty amazing! Click on the link to see how church members with no construction experience built a beautiful church so fast. If our church ever decides to move out of the skating rink / bowling alley, I wonder if we could get our hands on a set of these plans?

80 metres on 11-centimeter heels: a foot race near Kremlin - This is my favorite video clip of all. It is hysterical. From what I've read about Moscow fashion, I'll bet there were no broken or sprained ankles the whole race because it is so common for them to be walking around in those outrageously high heels! I also amazed that they didn't even seem to break a sweat. And, alas, we've discovered yet another use for the all-purpose duct-tape!

BTW, The Solar Eclipse is so cool that it deserves it's own post.

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