The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

July 25, 2008

This trip just keeps getting more fun!

We just discovered that our travel agent is not a mind-reader.

When making our travel plans for Trip One, we originally wanted to come straight home from Novokuznetsk on Saturday August 2, but after four days of searching we realized that we HAD to travel over a Saturday night to get the best price on airfare. So Martin and I planned to fly to Moscow on Saturday, spend the night at the Moscow Marriott Grand, and then fly home on Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn't communicate that very well to our travel agent. We just asked her to get us home on August 3rd. Which she did. Straight from Novokuznetsk!

What this means is that Martin and I will be staying at Hotel Siberia for an extra day. I've heard mixed reviews on Hotel Siberia, but one thing for certain is that it so NOT the Marriott Grand.

Not to worry, we'll save those Marriott points for Trip Two. There is a Flea Market in Novokuznetsk that I've heard has much better prices for souvenirs than Moscow. We'll probably do a little sightseeing on Saturday and learn more about the city and its history. I'd love to be able to share those kinds of things with our daughter when she is older. I've read several blogs where people said they didn't have any time in the region to sight see or shop because the Trip One is such a whirlwind and Trip Two is busy with court and picking up your child.

So I'm looking at this little mishap in our travel plans as a blessing in disguise!


Carrie said...

Who said Hotel Siberia is not the Marriot? I hope I did not give you mixed reviews. It is a lovely place to spend an extra night. (I hope you can hear my sarcasim). You will enjoy having an extra day to sightsee. With both trips with Sam we did not get to see much for different reasons. That made me sad. So enjoy.

Dea Reynolds said...

I'm not so sure about the "flea market" you are talking about. When we were there, there was a "mall" across the street from the hotel that was like a flea market. It was a little creepy, and there weren't many good things there. I think we were there for about 10 minutes before deciding to leave. I hope the "mall" is not the same flea market you were told about.

Russian Adoption Chronicles said...

Hi Kim! Congratulations on your trip. My husband and I adopted our son from BH#1 in Novokuznetsk in January of this year.

Hotel Siberia tip - Just bring a french press and coffee if you are a coffe lover.

Susan & Randy said...

Sounds like the extra day will be a blessing. On our first trip we managed to squeeze in maybe one hour of sightseeing on Friday after our medicals. Trip 2 was only 4 days and that included travel so sightseeing was out that trip. We were so excited that trip 3 was in mid April so we could get out and do stuff, but it ended up getting so cold that trip that it snowed.

Jen said...

Good Luck with your travels. It is too bad we won't be able to cross paths this trip. Maybe trip 2!!! I will be thinking of you and sending up lots of prayers for us all.