The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

July 23, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse of 2008 August 1st in Siberia

A solar eclipse is a rarely observed phenomenon, while a total solar eclipse can be seen rarer by far – 5 or 6 times a decade. However, what happens even less frequently is a total solar eclipse to be observed exclusively in a particular part of the planet.

I am thrilled that this particular part of the planet just so happens to be right where Martin and I will be on August 1st. Chances are very good that we'll get to see it. Of course, if it's a choice between seeing our little girl again and seeing the eclipse, well I hope our facilitator will take photos of the big E for us 'cuz you know where I'll be!

The moon’s shadow will follow past North Canada through Greenland to Russia, paying a visit to Northern China and then it will disappear. The motion can be traced on the map above.

The more detailed map above shows Novokuznetsk lies just to the right of the direct path of the eclipse. (click on the maps to enlarge them.)

An animation of the eclipse as seen in Novokuznetsk can be viewed here and here.

This is just so cool!!!! I wish the boys could see this with us. Since you are never supposed to look at the sun with the naked eye or with any optical device, such as binoculars or a telescope, now I need to add to my packing list some cardboard and aluminum foil for viewing.

Finally, for those of you who will not be in the path of this amazing event, you can view it via a live feed directly from China. Just be sure to check the time-zone. Hint, hint: it will be 5:30 am in Springfield, TN.


Troy and Rachel said...

That's so neat that you'll be there when that happens!! I hope you get to see it, although I know you'd rather be seeing your daughter at that moment!!

Janine said...

Wow! That is really cool. I hope you get to see it too. How close you are now! I'm so excited for you! And summer camp...that is so interesting. I wonder what it's like? Can't wait to find out.