The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

August 7, 2008

Sight Seeing in Novokuznetsk

Novokuznetsk is a big coal city in the south of Kemerovo Oblast. As the oldest city in the region by far (1617), Novokuznetsk has seen its fair share of different names. It was known simply as Kuznetsk (Blacksmith City) until the 1930s when massive coal deposits were found, sparking the industrialization of the city under the name Stalinsk. In the Khruschev era, the city was reborn as Novokuznetsk (New Kuznetsk).

The city first gained importance 120 years ago when the first mineral resources were found in the Kuzbass Area. During the times of Stalin, the city was populated and consistently industrialized and expanded to this day into a leading mining centre in the southern Siberia. The city architecture is created during the soviet times. More than 10 big industrial and energetic complexes are working on the territory of the city and in its region. Approximately 600,000 people live in Novokuznetsk.

Airport and Baggage Claim

Hotel Novokuznetskaya

View from our room

Park and Fountains in honor of the Coal and Steel Industry

Square near the Drama Theater

(The Parthenon looking theater building is currently under massive renovation)
Fort Kuznetsk (below)

View of Tom River from Ft. Kutznesk

Economic Public Transport in Novokuznetsk

Novokuznetsk has a developed transport system with hundred of lines of buses, express-buses, trams and trolleybuses. Normal ticket is valid for one journey. The express-bus ticket price is 10 RUR, and trolleybus, tram or bus ticket is 7 RUR.

Park in name of the Jurij Gagarin First Space Trip

Park we named "Tulip Park"

Amusement Park near Tulip Park

Monument dedicated to show how all 15 independent republics of the former USSR work together.

Typical housing

Fork and Spoon - Once Upon A Time

Restaurants near our hotel


Carrie said...

AH! I miss Novokuznetsk. I never thought I would say that!!! I tripped over one of those cannons -it left a good bruise.

Joy said...

It looks like a beautiful place. I love the pictures of the fountains. I am glad your trip is going well.

Michael and Carrie said...

Congratulations on meeting your little girl! It sounds like your trip has been great. I hope that you all are able to return very quickly for a court date!

The Horners said...

That was a fun tour. We totally missed the amusement park. How close was that to the Hotel? (where we also stayed)

Nancy said...

AHHHHH . . . Novokuznetsk. I was there in late summer/early fall in 2004. It was just beautiful! Your pictures bring back wonderful memories. We were at every single sight you posted a picture for! We stayed at the same hotel. The amusement park was fun, although my little guy was too small for most of the rides. He could only ride 1 ride (tea cups).


Christine said...

THanks for all the pictures!