The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

September 9, 2008

Precious Baby Doll

I just ordered the first real baby doll for our Little Tsarina. As a background to this monumental moment, let me explain why this is so exciting for me. Since I started doing most of my Christmas shopping online many moons ago, we literally get scores of catalogs in the mail. For years (before we started our adoption) the American Girl doll catalog would arrive at our home almost monthly. And then the My Twinn doll catalog starting arriving too. For a mom of four boys, it was pure torture. I really thought those companies were purposefully taunting me. It was so bad that Martin started hiding them when he found them in the mail. At first he would give them away to our friends with girls, but after a while he would put them in the shredder pile so I wouldn't see them. Eventually the baby doll companies figured out that we weren't biting so the catalogs stopped coming.

Well, last week, I joined the world of realistic looking doll owners. I ordered the Russian baby doll from "" and she just arrived! Wow! I am very impressed with the quality. She is so beautiful, it was almost like looking at my sweet baby girl's little face again. Her eyes are amazing (our little girl has auburn hair and green eyes too) and her fingers and toes are so cute. But what I like best about this doll is the way the body is shaped and weighted so that she can sit up without falling over. I purchased the book and kitten that go with her and enjoyed them too.

If anyone is interested, the doll and accessories are still on sale (10% off) for the rest of September. The price was discounted as soon as I placed the order. Very professional and fast shipping. I highly recommend this doll. (And, no, I am not associated with the "" company in any way.) I had my eye on this doll for a long time, but the sale price prompted me to go ahead and order. I'm so glad I did!

Isn't she just the cutest [Russian] doll you've ever seen?

From the website:

"Katya Irina is a precious baby from Russia that has beautiful auburn hair and green eyes. She is waiting for you to love and take her home. She comes dressed in a darling ethnic costume of her country. Her outfit consists of a white blouse with a red border at the collar and a beautiful embroidered edging on the arms. The blouse is gathered at sleeves. The dress is a bright red color that has the same embroidery along the top, bottom, middle and straps. The dress is lined and both have velcro closures. Katya also comes with little white booties with lace around the top and a diaper."

A "Refer a Friend" flyer was included in the box that said I can receive a check for $5.00 if a friend emails the company before placing their order telling them that I referred them. Trust me, I would not recommend something that I didn't believe in whole-heartily just to get $5.00. But if you do decide to order and would like tell the company owner (an adoptive mom BTW) that you saw the doll here, I will donate the $5.00 to our Little Tsarina's orphanage.


Jackie said...

Oh I would get those catalogs to for the longest time! I still get AG as I must have ordered something for one of my neices. :-) You always find the best sites for all things Russian!

Bethany said...

Yes, I've seen this! That is so cool!

Carrie said...

That is too precious!! We purchased Sophie an outfit in Moscow similar to the one the doll is wearing and she wore it her first halloween. She was our litte Russian princess and still is of course. I might have to look into this for a gift in the future.

Jen said...

What a cute doll! I may have to check it out. It would make a nice keepsake.

I am with you on all the doll catalogs! We get them all the time, too and it always has been pure torture!

kate said...

I completely understand the excitement! I've got a cradle ready, but her first Bitty Baby from AG has to wait until I know what d2b looks like--so her baby will look like her.