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September 5, 2008

My attempt to photograph the Eclipse

Just for comparison, I thought I would show you my attempt at photographing the total solar eclipse. I didn't want to look directly at the sun, so I would just hold my camera up to the sky and snap photos while looking away. When it got pretty dark outside and everyone around us started clapping, Martin and I were both able to look directly at the sun. We could only see a tiny bit of the light peeking around a circular shadow. About a minute later, the full brightness of day returned.

My poor little camera couldn't do it justice. The last photo below was taken at the darkest moment, but the photo doesn't show the shadow covering the sun. It's still pretty cool though.

To show you how much light returned after the eclipse, this photo at the amusement park was taken about 15-20 minutes later. Big difference!

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Troy and Rachel said...

Those are so cool!! I would have loved to have seen that!!