The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

October 7, 2008

Random Catch All

I have a bunch of photos that I love, but don't have time to blog about. So I've thrown them all (well, really just a few) in this post -- just because!

This photo was taken today (Oct. 6th). Our weather has been about 10 degrees above normal. And we are loving it!

You've never seen BED HEAD until you have seen our Nolan in the morning!

Can you guess who Nolan wants to be for Halloween? In case the swim suit is throwing you off, Liam and Garrett are giving a little demonstration!

These are the cupcakes we made for little sister's birthday. The candy bar is our favorite Russian Chocolate and just happens to bear a remarkable resemblance to our daughter.

I love this photo because a girl on Garrett's soccer team was trying so hard to get his attention and he was oblivious. What's a girl gotta do? Well, right after this photo was taken she sprayed him in the face with that water bottle in her hand. It was funny!

Our kittens are still very cute, but they are getting bigger and I'd love to find them a new home. Any takers????

Preston is growing up so fast. His face has completely lost the baby look. I adore the young man he is becoming.


We finally made it to Rain Forest Cafe for $1.99 kid's meal night! The balloon artist was very talented. We talked the entire time he was twisting these cool balloon shapes because he and his wife are interested in adopting from Russia too. He gave me his card to email him some information. I almost forgot until I saw these photos.

Martin got the fountains working in the Splash Pad next to our new pool. And the water is heated -- even better!


Becky and Keith said...

I think Andrew might want to come live with you after seeing the water fountain thingys!! The kittens are so darn cute in that bucket - makes you want them to stay that size forever. Great pictures!

Amy said...

That water fountain is soo cool! I've only seen them at water parks. Great pics!

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness! That is an awesome idea of the fountains! That must provide hours of fun!

Troy and Rachel said...

Your kitties and children are adorable! Looks like some fun times were had in those pictures. I hope that court date comes soon so you don't have to redo any more paperwork, less the medicals!

tammy said...

love the bed head!!!

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

Nolan's bedhead is hilarious. I thought mine was bad ... whew ... I have been outdone!

Jen said...

What a great idea with the splash pad! I love it!