The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

November 10, 2008

I wish I may, I wish I might...

...have my travel plans confirmed tonight!

Dare I ask how much more stressful this adoption can get? Scratch that, I wouldn't want it to sound like a challenge or anything!

All we know right now is that there is a very good possibility that our court date will be around November 18th and that we had to expedite our Visa applications with next day service because if it is on the 18th, then we have to leave THIS SATURDAY!

Less than a week away and we still can't book plane tickets yet. Gulp!

But God is moving mountains for us so I know it will all be good. My sister-in-law and niece will be traveling with us. She was able to cover all her shifts at the hospital in just a few hours. Amazing Grace!

When I called the agent processing our Visas to tell her there will be eight of us traveling to pick up one baby girl, she said in her strong Russian accent, "There will be a family reunion in Russia!" I thought that was sweet.

I started packing our daughter's suitcase first. This is the fun part. I kept holding things up to show Martin how cute they were and he said, "You've played with dolls and waited your whole life for this moment." He's right in one sense, I have wanted a daughter for as long as I can remember. But I was a Tom Boy and, truth be known, enjoyed my little brother's boy toys way more than dolls. That may come back to bite me in the near future!

Thank goodness for online shopping and express shipping! Preston and Garrett needed new snow boots and I still hadn't purchased a little pink snow suit. And I needed a new camera too (long story). My mom has been surfing the net looking for deals too. Plus, she keeps insisting that I get my Flu shot before we leave. I'll just add that to the list of things that need to get done by Friday. My list is starting to look a lot like Santa's naughty and nice list (you know, how it hangs down to the floor and then some?)

Please pray with me that our court date is confirmed for November 18th. That would work out perfect for our family in so many ways! Not the least of which is that we would be home the day before Thanksgiving. This is THE one time of year that our entire family gets together. I'd love to introduce the newest member of our family to all her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents --shortly before I pass out from jet lag!


Barb said...

Kim, I'm so thrilled for you. I'll be praying that everything goes smoothly!

Amy said...

Kim, I am praying that you (and us) get confirmed court date. I honestly don't know why things seem to be "last" minute with Russia. Do they like to see us American Moms struggle with uncertainity and do they laugh when we have to scramble last minute for visas, flights, documents. I just don't get it.

But I do hope your wish comes true tonight (or tomorrow morning).

Carrie said...

Got my fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim....congratulations!! I know you cannot wait to get her home. Praying it all happens quickly. Blessings!


tammy said...

I am wishing for your court date to be confirmed! Wow, that is a lot of people to plan travelling for! We've had to expedite visas before and it is soooo expensive. I can only imagine for 8 people! Good luck!

Jackie said...

Oh Kim! I too pray that they are confirmed! How sweet for her to say that about a family reunion! It truly will be!

Amy said...

You're in my thoughts! Keep us posted!!

Carey and Norman said...

Isn't the craziness exciting. It keeps your mind occupied until you can get on a plane heading towards Russia. You've thought about this for so long that it is nice to actually be putting it all in order. I'm so excited about your trip and the fact that all 8 of you can go!!

Kellie said...

We will keep your family in our prayers. That is so awesome that you have so many family member that are able to go with you. A trip to remember for sure!

findingourdaughter said...

I so hope and pray you get that confirmed ASAP!
So anxious for you!
Hugs and prayers,

Huber Family said...

YeAh!! I am so happy for you all! If you havent found a snowsuit I have an extra brand new pink and brown one you can have! It is an 18 months size so it might be a bit big but with all the layers, no big deal. If you want it, let me know so I can send it out to you ASAP.

erica h

Karen said...

I was sooooooo happy to read your last 2 blogs!!!! It was very anticipated news. I know this wait has been agonizing.

Melissa said...

Congrats on your latest news. I know what a whirlwind the preparations are for traveling the first time. I can only imagine what it will be like to go for our court date. Keep us posted.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Awesome news Kim! Noah's court date was the 17th, very lucky time of year. :) I will pray that your dates are confirmed soon.


Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

Man! That is a LOT of drama for an expectant mother. I hope it all falls into place! I can't even imagine.