The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

January 19, 2009

Bring on the snow!

What's a boy gotta do to get some snow???

Liam woke me up early this morning to show
me that it was snowing outside. I really didn't believe him, but sure enough, once my eyes were able to focus, I witnessed a mini-blizzard outside our front porch. I tried to let Liam down easy and explain that it was not enough for snow balls and there was no need to get out his snow suit. He said, "I wish we lived in Antarctica! It always snows there." LOL!

Alas, our snow was gone by 11:00 a.m.

Our boys really want to play in some snow. We usually try to go skiing in Utah in February, but with long wait during adoption process
, we put vacations on hold thinking that surely the very next month would be THE month we needed to travel to Russia. And there was no time to plan a ski trip for this February, not that we could even afford it, since we ALL just came home from Russia in December. Sigh.

And speaking of the boys traveling to Russia, they just knew there would be snow in Moscow. I
mean it's Moscow in the winter, doesn't that just make you think SNOW? But noooooo, the week we were there, it was actually warmer in Moscow than in our little hometown in middle Tennessee. Go figure! Now, I'm not personally complaining because we were there to take care of business and get Lexi ready to come home. I didn't need to be slowed down by dealing with snow. But the boys were pretty bummed when there was no snow - just cold rain.

Well, I take that back.... there was this one pile of snow in Red Square.

It had snowed (and mostly melted) just days before our family arrived. Apparently
, a snow plow of some sort had piled the snow off to one side. Either that or it was the remnants of a giant snow man. But there it was in all its glory and the boys were attracted to it like flies on stink! The most fun they had (besides ice-skating or maybe even that) was playing in that pathetic pile of snow. With all the things to see and do in Moscow, THIS was what they wanted to do most (oh, and they didn't like me pausing their fun to take photos):

Snow Ball Fight Anyone?


Amy said...

I'll ship you some of my snow!!

Roger and Joanne said...

Typical boys! I love to see snow too--but from a distance. ;-)
I grew up in Buffalo, NY. Don't know how I did it. But living in AZ for as long as I have, my skin has gotten so thin that even 50 degrees is cold for me.
Even seeing that snow in Moscow just makes me cold....

Carey and Norman said...

I laughed at the boys playing in a pile of snow...too funny.

Loved your ice skating pictures. We never saw the skating rink during our times in Moscow. Lucky fun to experience that with your family!!

Rob said...

Hey, I recognize that sidewalk area from the first photo. That's at Hunter's Row in Moscow, right? We were there this time last year but it seems like weeks ago rather than months.