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April 10, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

Garrett and the tarantula...

Garrett announced recently that he wants to become a Zoologist when he grows up. More accurately, he thinks it would be really cool to live at the zoo. He is also fascinated with bugs and is always rescuing worms and other various insects from our driveway and yard and preparing little habitats for them. So last Saturday when when the animal trainer at the Nashville Zoo asked for a volunteer -- someone who was not afraid of big, scary bugs, Garrett just about jumped out of his skin raising his hand. She couldn't NOT pick him!

The trainer is putting a giant millipede in Garrett's hand.

Garrett and his "bug vest" full of yucky amazing critters like a tarantula, millipede, and hissing cockroach!

Today's FFF photos were taken by Preston Abraham.


Amy said...

Ewwwwww!!!! But you know Garrett, someone's got to do it! Glad it's your love not mine...

(but seriously - how cool for him!!)

Carey and Norman said...

Love the expression on Garrett's face! Priceless!