The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

April 13, 2009

Lexi's First Easter!

Looking for eggs!

Her new favorite word: "Bubbles!"

She is starting to show a little interest in baby dolls. But she still favors stuffed animals.

Just checking to see if anything is in there. Lexi picked up quick on the concept that where there are eggs... there is candy!

She had to give Midnight a little loving before church

A few photos while waiting for Grandma, Uncle Michael, Auntie Bunner and the Honey Baked Ham to arrive!

This bench is old and rickety, since it sat on my granny's front porch for at least 40 years. Now it sits on ours and Lexi thinks it is just her size.

Lexi's Easter dress is pretty, but it was actually my 2nd choice. I bought this one on clearance last year right after Easter -- before we even had a referral.

Remember the Not Me! Monday post when I talked about NOT wrecking my car and then continuing on to Belks to buy Lexi a precious Easter Dress? Well... I lost that dress somewhere in my messy, cluttered, disorganized, too big of a house.

Has anyone else ever done that? Don't answer.

Who needs baskets of eggs when there are baby kitty-cats?

This one is my favorite!

I just love little girl shoes! Do you think these would look silly in size 7 1/2?

Happy Easter Everyone!


jeanette wunderly said...

OMG! She couldn't get any cuter!!! I love the dress and her beautiful smile, especially with the kitten!

Carolynn and Steve said...

Such cute cute cute pictures--I love the kitty pictures, too!
What a happy Easter girl!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist commenting on Alexis Katerina Abraham on Easter 2009. She couldn't be more beautiful! When you a have a perfect Model like this, you don't need a professional Photographer. She is a natural!

Melissa said...

What a cutie! It certainly looks like her first Easter was a happy one. We enjoyed our first Easter here as well.

Jackie said...

KIm- She is just adorable! I LOVE her Easter dress... those photos are awesome!

Troy and Rachel said...

She's a doll!! I love those curls still! And that dress may have been second choice, but it's just darling!!

Carrie said...

How cute is she!?!?! I love that one of her holding the kitten - too sweet.

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

The pics of her and the kitty are too precious!

Rich and Jolynn said...

Oh my Goodness, That is so darn cute, Lexi and kitties. Everyone looks to wonderful. What a Celebration!