The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

August 2, 2009

More photos from this week last year...

We were not allowed (by Russian law) to post these photos last year. But I want to include them in our blog about Lexi's adoption because they are precious to me -- even if Lexi looks so sad in most of them.

We didn't know at the time how full of life she would be one year later. What we DID know was that she responded positively to all the attention we gave her during our short time together. We held her so much during our twice a day visits that one of her caregivers told us that she cried to be held all night after we left each day. While that was hard for a mother's heart to hear, it also gave me hope that she was going to be just fine as soon as we got her home.

Oh, it was so hard to leave her that last day.

Here she is on our last visit with her. She was not going to let her photo album go. The picture showing is of her brothers, although at the time, she was more interested in the little doggie.

I guess that was our first clue she would be such an animal lover!

It's too bad that the photo of the three of is blurry, but my camera's focus was acting up. I got a new one as soon as we got home.

At ten months old, she could sit up well, but had no interest in standing up. In fact, she was quite unhappy about it.

Her clothes were size 3-6 months and her shoes were size 2. She was dressed in the two outfits you see in these photos. They just alternated them over the three days of visits.

Much to my delight, she went right for the pink and purple stacking cups.

On the other hand, being perfectly honest, the sad, far-away stare she got sometimes really worried me.

The beginnings of her precious curly locks...

The lack of muscle tone in her legs and her prominent forehead led our IA Dr. to think she may have Rickets. He recommended Vitamin D infant drops. We passed that information along to her Baby Home nurse and offered to purchase enough drops for her entire group. They assured us that they had all the medicines they needed and that they would take good care of her. We don't know for sure if the baby home doctor or nurse ever gave her any Vitamin D supplements, but there was an amazing difference in her look when we picked her up four months later. So I really think they did.

She was tiny, yet chubby. Snuggling, yet distant.

We took a huge leap of faith.

Words can't express how thankful I am that we followed our hearts and said "YES" to that little baby girl we met in Novokuznetsk, Russia!


Kellie said...

Wow, she has really blossomed into such a light, happy girl. I can't believe how much she has changed. I can't believe how tiny she was.
Blessings to you all~

Jackie said...

Kim- I am so glad that you posted those pictures. Your words were so true, she did have a sad far away stare, almost distant. But just seeing those photos shows such a contrast in the happy and vivacious personality that she has now. She looks so happy and that is just awesome to see!!

What a blessing and wonderful testimony shown through photos! :-)

Melissa said...

It's amazing how much they can change. She was so adorable, even with those green dots. Now she is even more adorable. It shows just how much she is loved and cared for. Congrats on your time home. And I just love her curls.
Oh, and I can't keep shoes on Colby either. Everything fits so snug. I'm looking forward to tax free dys in CT!

Troy and Rachel said...

I have photos of the back of Daniel's head that are too precious to me to not keep so Iunderstand your sentiment. She is such a doll and fits right in with your family! I am so glad you all found each other!

Michael, Carrie, and S said...

It's so amazing to see the changes in our children from being in the orphanage to coming home. Lexi has done so well, and I remember thinking about how healthy she looked when I met her several months ago. She is so cute, and I know you are so blessed to have her!

Joy said...

I just love those pictures of those cubby legs!. I think you are so right that some of this is a leap of faith. I know that when I was waiting watching all of you go through the process was so helpful.

Kristine said...

She is so precious...every inch of her! It is amazing how she has grown and changed....beautiful.

Lavonne said...

Wow. I've walked your walk. It absolutely is a leap of faith. And they are so much better off in loving, nurturing homes. We are all so blessed.

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

This makes me want to cry. It really is a bigger story. All of us as adoptive parents (from Russia especially) can relate. But even greater, it is a story of loving by faith. Believing in unseen potential when the rality seems to be the opposite of your hopes. Like the way Jesus loved us "while we were far off". Oh Kim, I'm so glad you said 'yes' to this precious baby girl too!

Barb said...

Wow - I can't believe how much she has changed!! She is SO beautiful. Hope those curls last for a long time!

Carrie said...

The transformation that these sweet babies go through is just amazing. Lexi is such a happy beautiful little girl.

Kami said...

I didn't realize she was so tiny! J also has that photo album and it isn't that big, but it is huge up next to her in that picture from your first visit. Her transformation is amazing! I am always awed by God and how he has shown so many of us our children and given us the strength and faith to travel halfway across the world to get to that baby.. no matter the cost. I know that God ordains every adoption and it is amazing to see Him at work!