The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

August 14, 2009

Wall of Fame

My grandparents had a "Wall of Fame". It was in the front hall of their old house. My grandmother framed photos of the five grandchildren (my brother, three sisters and myself) at ages 1, Kindergarten, High School Senior, and College Senior. There was a such a sense of accomplishment when you got to add your next photo to the wall. (I'm sure a few family members were wondering if my college photo would ever make it to the wall.)

Martin and I loved the idea and decided to do the same thing for our kids. We started with Preston by framing his birth announcement along with his 3 month old photo. At that time, we had no idea that we would eventually have five kids, but whenever Micheal's would have a sale on frames, we stocked up on the same frame so we could complete our own family's Wall of Fame. We now have enough frames in storage for all five kiddos until they are married.

Martin also does all of our custom framing... saves a lot of money, but we have to wait until he has time. Yeah, that long. Nolan finally convinced Martin that it was about time for his Kindergarten Graduation photo to make it up. So while he was working on Nolan's frame, Martin finally found a few spare minutes to frame Lexi's first photo for the Wall of Fame. They were both very proud to see their smiling faces on the Wall of Fame!

I love that we finally got to use the pink background mat. Lexi's announcement includes her birth and adoption information. (In case you are wondering...) We never actually mailed the announcements because we were already overwhelmed by the generosity and support of our friends and family surrounding Lexi's arrival home. My church hosted a baby shower just 2 weeks later. I didn't want to send out announcements and have people feel like they needed to send another gift. We were feeling so tremendously blessed! And still are.

Since we do not have any photos of Lexi at 3 months old (to match the boys) Martin and I debated about which photo to use: (a) her referral photo which is the youngest photo we have at 7 months; (b) a photo from last summer when we met her at 10 months; (c) the professional Christmas photos taken after she had been home a couple of weeks; or (d) her Celebrating Adoption photo taken when she had been home for 3 months. We went with option (d) because we like the connection with the boys -- all the photos are of our kids when they had been with us (by birth or adoption) for 3 months. The fact that her red Christmas dress clashed with the pink mat had nothing to do with it. ;0)

So there it, in all its glory, the Abraham Hall of Fame! It's exciting to watch our Wall of Fame grow, but at the same time, it's sad that my babies are growing up so fast. Time flies when you are having fun and loving life!

They are a bit crooked in this photo, but I promise they are level in real life.

The photos include "3 month plus Birth/Adoption Announcement" and "Kindergarten Graduation with program". Next, will be "High School Senior" and then "College Senior". Our ceilings are high enough that we could do "Wedding" after that, but you'd have to strain your neck to see them and I'm sure Martin and I will be too old to climb up a latter by then.

P.S. I just had new professional photos taken of Lexi this week and they turned out phenomenal. She had so much fun and the photographer really captured her vibrant personality. I can't wait until they are ready!


Kristine said...

We do the same thing at our house!!! but we only have pics..everyone enjoys looking at the pictures...especially the kids.

Old DAN AND Little ANN said...

That is really a neat idea. They look level to me! :)

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