The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

December 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

...a puppy, my daddy, and my mommy. That was the Christmas wish list Lexi prepared at preschool. (Notice who gets top billing - I sure hope Santa is able to work some magic there.) But even if I am third on her list, I think my heart swelled bigger than the Grinch's when I read it.

I got my best Christmas present ever last year and it was a gift from God that keeps on giving.  I just love my sweet girl. I've mentioned before how much Liam loves his sister, but all her brothers continue to adore her. Nolan told me yesterday that last year was his most special Christmas because that's when we got Lexi.

Preston had a writing assessment at school on December 2 -- Lexi's "Gotcha Day". He didn't know what the question prompt would be and he was nervous about having to write five paragraphs on a subject with which he may be unfamiliar. When I picked him from school that afternoon, I asked him about the writing assessment. Preston said, "Oh, it was really easy. The question was 'What was your best Christmas present?' I could have written even more, but almost ran out of time during my conclusion." So, I asked him what he said and he looked at me as if I should already know. He said, "Of course, I wrote all about going to Russia to bring Lexi home!" He didn't even realize that was the very day we were celebrating our first year together. I could have cried right there in the car trying to drive everyone home from school. I am going to ask his teacher for a copy.

Another quick story about how much her brothers love their little sister and she loves them: Yesterday, Garrett was out of school early so he went with me to pick up Lexi. He was so excited to get her. She was playing in the big playroom when we arrived so he asked if he could be the first person she saw. I said sure, and then stood behind the door while he went in. He called her name and held out his arms for a hug. As soon as she saw him, she stopped in her tracks and starting shaking with excitement before running to him. He told me later that there is no better feeling in the world than seeing how happy she was to see him.

I am thankful beyond words to have children who love each other so much. Sure there is fighting and crying and tattling and all the other normal kid stuff, but they really are each others' best friends. And that is a true blessing. Tomorrow night on Christmas Eve, they will all climb in Preston's bed and sleep together. It's a tradition they have doing for as long as Liam has been out of his crib. On Christmas morning Martin and I will find all their smiling faces gathered together waiting for us.

Here are a few photos from Lexi's preschool event called "Christmas Around the World". Lexi's teacher choose Russia in honor of Lexi. She came dressed as the Russian Snow Maiden.

She loved spinning around in her dress and pink boots.  She is carrying her favorite bear, Mishka, that she got in Russia.  The front desk at the Moscow Marriott gave it to her and she has slept with him every night and every nap since.  Heaven forbid we ever lose this bear. (But we have one back-up just in case.)

Her classroom displayed many of the items we purchased in Russia

The Christmas tree is decorated with Russian Doll ornaments.  We are saving them and plan to give Lexi one new ornament each year, but I put them all on this tree to show them off for her school program.

Lexi checking out the ornaments on our tree.  It is pretty sparse this year because we didn't use very many of our breakable ornaments. Hopefully, by next Christmas that won't be a problem anymore.
I think this pose means she is DONE with the camera!

So, I took one last photo of silly Nolan trying on his stocking!


Kim Abraham said...
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Jeanette said...

Such sweet children! I can not wait to bring our little girl home for my boys to love. I got tears reading your post. I'm going to steal your idea with the ornaments for our daughter. Merry Christmas!!!!

Craig and Phyllis said...

That is just so sweet how your boys are soooo excited and in love with their sister! And her snow maiden dress is beautiful!

I just bought that Snow Maiden book with the stacking dolls for our boys to celebrate the Russian Orthodox Christmas this year. We didn't do anything last year for a Russian Christmas, just too crazy around here.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Jackie said...

Oh Kim, what a sweet post! I love how they celebrated Russia in Christmas around the World. Such sweet photos!

Joe and Renae said...

Lexi looks ADORABLE in her dress! Olivia got the SAME bear at the Marriott in Moscow (2 actually) and I made sure I put one away so that she can have it when she gets older.
Merry Christmas!

Troy and Rachel said...

Lexi looks beautiful as the snow maiden! Happy Holidays!

Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain said...

I just love her dress. Did you buy it in Russia. I would love one for Maura. She is just so beautiful.
I can't wait to bring our little one home in Feb.