The Abraham Family’s Journey to Russia to Bring Home Their Daughter

December 2, 2009

One Year!

Wow, it's amazing how quickly our first year with Lexi has past! It seemed like time dragged on forever when we were waiting for her. She is such a sweet girl and all our lives have been greatly enriched by her presence. She adores her brothers who, of course, love her soooo much in return. She is everything I ever dreamed a daughter could be... and so much more!

Life with five active kids is insanely busy and as a result, my blog time has suffered. However, I am working on videos of Trips One and Two. There are details that I never want to forget. My goal to have them ready before Christmas. (Hey, I hear you laughing... but isn't setting goals the first step to actually accomplishing them?) There is so much I that need to update, but for now a few photos of Lexi on her ONE YEAR FAMILY DAY will have to suffice!

She really wanted to wear Liam's old T-Santasaurus sweat shirt, so I had to do some serious scrambling to figure out a way to girly it up!

I hate that this photo is so washed-out/over-exposed, because it shows off the awesome smile that Lexi blesses us with everyday.

Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera this Christmas!

You can see just how much she has grown over the past year by looking at the photos on the Right Side Bar. It's hard to remember how tiny she was last year. Lexi is in the 50% range for both height and weight. She is right on target developmentally and even has advanced gross motor skills. Her speech has exploded this month and even family and friends can understand her now. She still uses the sign language we taught her last year, but now she will say the word at the same time. And, drum roll please.... she is almost potty trained. Her preschool teacher has even asked us to send her to school in panties. Oh, my heart be still! I just love this girl!

More to come soon......


Wendi and Terry said...

Lexi grows more beautiful with each post. It has been so fun to follow your journey! We've been waiting 17 months for our referral and just when I start feeling down I read blogs like yours and it brings me hope and faith. God bless your family and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Jeanette said...

Congratulations on your one year home! We leave next weekend to meet our baby girl and remember following along your blog when you were just bringing her home a year ago. Time sure does fly! She is such a doll!

Carrie said...

Congrats on one year!!! She is so cute. I just love her smile!!

Chris said...

Wow, you can really see how much she has grown. Congrats on 1 year home with your little blessing!

Merry Christmas!