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December 5, 2009

Christmas on the Square

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Garrett performed at our small town's Christmas on the Square. He sang a blue-grass version of "Away in a Manger". Lexi and Nana went with us to enjoy the festivities that beautiful November day. The rest of the boys decided to hang out at home.

Lexi may like to dress up like Santa's helper, but she is not the Jolly Old Elf's biggest fan.

I just LOVE the photo below.

Lexi was watching the little cloggers so intently, I had to hold her back from running out there to join them with her own version of dancing (which includes a lot of jumping around and rolling on the ground. LOL!)

People ask me all the time if I curl her hair. Nope, these curly locks are all natural.

I sure hope they stick around for a long time!


Jackie said...

She is adorable, adorable, adorable, ADORABLE!

Kristine said...

She is a living DOLL!