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March 25, 2010

Buttercup Brook

This is the time of year that I am reminded of why living in the country is so nice. My favorite flower is in full bloom and they are everywhere on our property! And the best thing is I don't need a green thumb to make them so gorgeous and they have zero maintenance. I only wish they would last longer than just a few weeks. I simply love having fresh flowers in my house. And we have soooo much fun taking wagon rides down to the flowers, picking bouquets for teachers, and playing hide and seek in them. Lexi yells "B-cups!" every time we go down the driveway. And "yellow" has become her new favorite color.

The boys' favorite thing is to pick the top of a flower and then race them down the creek. They compete to see whose flower can float down the creek the fastest while avoiding all the obstacles, dams and boobie-traps they have built. There was even one part of the creek called "Pirate's Doom" (or something like that) where the boys threw rocks trying to sink each other's flower. Jeez, that's boys for you. I'll bet someday (hopefully in the distant future) they'll be picking bouquets for girlfriends instead of chopping the heads off and sending them sailing down the creek.

A friend recently drove by our house and decided to name our land "Buttercup Brook". I think the name just might stick!

"Buttercup Brook"
The creek is just behind the tree line

Picking flowers for their teachers


Jeanette said...

Love, love, love the pic of all the kids! Lexi looks so much like your boys! She was truly made for your family :)

Kristine said...

Are you sure you weren't at a botanical garden show???! Wow, they are just beautiful...and the flowers aren't bad either ;)


I love your new header. Have a wonderful weekend.


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

GORGEOUS! And look how big the little tsarina is getting! :)

tammy said...

wish our country land looked like that! they are beautiful!

Joy said...

What beautiful pictures. I can not believe just how much she has grown and the boys too.

Carrie said...

Wow!! Love all your daffodils!! Great picture of the kids too!!! Enjoy the rest of spring!!