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July 15, 2009

Summer Fun

I have written and deleted a couple of posts this week, mainly because I was rambling on and on about nothing really important. So then I decided to just to upload some photos and videos. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy them more than my ramblings. Here are photos of some summer fun in the pool. The next post will have videos of our Littlest Tsarina Daredevil!

Nolan and Liam made the slide into a car wash. They are driving their cars down the slide and into the pool. You may need to click on the photo to see this little detail.

I didn't plan on dressing Liam and Lexi alike on this day. Liam's suit is several years old. This is Lexi's only 2 piece; more convenient for swim diaper changes. She has the same issue with the warm water in the spa as she does in the bath tub. Need I say more?

Lexi loves her Liam and wants to do everything just like he does. She watches very closely for a few minutes and then imitates him.

This new life jacket is the best children's life jacket I have ever found. And we've been through every make and model of water safety devices known to man. It keeps her head and arms above water with her balance facing forward. (Traditional jackets were tipping her over backwards.) Plus, the fact that it is a kitty-cat makes it even better.
I highly recommend it!

The spill over spa is Lexi's personal water slide to the big pool.
With her kitty-cat life jacket on, she will swim to the steps, walk back to the spa, and go down the spill over again and again.


Kristine said...

These pictures are really wonderful. That little girl has got a glow about her..she is just beautiful. You are very blessed.

It looks like you have a fun house!

Lindsey Carney said...

Hudson has the same lifejacket, well, his is the blue shark. He loves it and goes all over by himself with it on. I love seeing all the pics of you children. Lexi is adorable and growing like a weed!

Melissa said...

So cute! Lexi certainly is growing and just looks great. YOu can tell the boys just love her!

Kim said...

I love all these pictures Kim! It is amazing to see how much Lexi has grown! What a beautiful little girl.

Amy said...

great pictures!!!! Where did you get the kitty life jacket? Our neighbors have them too but can't remember where they got them (their's are a frog and a crab (?) it's orange). I need one for Bruiser!!!